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Who Are We?

Get to Know Us

We are devoted Catholics working together to protect our American Constitutional, Democratic Republic. We believe that if a Communist, totalitarian state takes over, many will abandon their faith in Christ. Join us in our patriotic duty, driven by our love and honor for Almighty God, to resist the growing threat that could engulf and enslave the world. We will not surrender to this darkness.

Our Mission

Our Mission: To engage, educate and encourage Christians to advance the Kingdom of God in our culture through bold prayer and faithful action.


Promotion of Prayer

No action to promote the Kingdom of Heaven on earth can succeed without prayer at every step. Our website and presence will highlight this need and invite the Body of Christ to fully participate.

Compelling Content

Souls and Liberty proudly upholds its legacy of creating profound programs and articles that champion the authentic Catholic/Christian response to political and cultural challenges.

With unwavering dedication, we will boldly proclaim the Truth in Love, extending a warm welcome to all who are willing to listen, pray, and take action. We strive to collaborate with well-known figures.

Faithful Citizenship

In every circumstance of government, Christ’s disciples must do whatever they are able to do in order to ensure that the Kingdom of Heaven is more fully realized.

In our current governmental system, this work entails voting for candidates who most closely hew to implementing a political culture, allowing for the advance of Christ’s Kingdom.

Justice is a prevailing notion in implementing Christ’s Kingdom because a just society prevents injustice to innocent victims. Keeping the innocent safe is a hallmark of the Kingdom of Heaven being built on earth by His followers.

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