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Our mission, in short, is to advance the Kingdom of God.

​That brief statement asserts three separate points: There is a God, He is a King, and there is opposition to His Kingdom which needs to be advanced against.

As God is in Himself, He is total love – each Divine Person pouring Himself into the other,
completely and infinitely.

When the Holy Trinity (the foundational belief of authentic Christianity) relates to Its creatures, the relationship is one of a loving king, who is Father (Abba: Daddy) to His creation. It is for this reason that the notion of “Kingdom and Kingship” is replete throughout Sacred Scripture.

And, there is another “kingdom” which has set itself in opposition to the Heavenly Kingdom – and it is this opposing kingdom that the Heavenly Kingdom advances against.

While the war between these kingdoms is ultimately spiritual, our battle is waged in time and space, human history, in concrete terms and by concrete, living human beings in every age and place.

Those who desire or claim to be members of the Heavenly Kingdom here on earth have been commanded, note the word – it is militaristic, commanded, to attack the gates of the opposing kingdom. For this reason, Christ established His Church and gave charge of it to his Apostles that down through the ages, those who remain in communion with them and their successors remain in communion with Him, to wage the battle against the enemy kingdom.

Our new effort is aimed at just that – attacking the kingdom of the enemy, not sitting back and behaving as though prayer alone suffices. Christ never said that. His last words ascending to His Father’s right hand were, in fact, the exact opposite. Let the next battle in the ongoing war commence.

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