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“You aim at true devotion, my dear Philothea, because, as a Christian, you know how acceptable it is to the Divine Majesty. But inasmuch as trifling errors at the outset of any undertaking are wont to increase rapidly as we advance, frequently becoming almost irreparable, it is needful that, first of all, you should ascertain wherein lies the virtue of devotion.” 


—Saint Francis de Sales 


Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but how many of us actually know how to get there?


Learn from the writings of Saint Francis de Sales, the Doctor of Charity, on this very matter in his work that specifically addresses this most important question. The knowledgeable and holy Doctor of the Church writes in a way that is at once easy to read and suited to all readers, yet thorough, authoritative, reliable, kind, and gentle. He guides us to the knowledge that we are all called to the devout life. True devotion to God, as Saint Francis de Sales points out, adorns every vocation. Additionally, Saint Francis will explain that the devout life is a choice worthy for its own sake: “And our blessed Lord Himself assure[s] us that a devout life is a lovely, a pleasant, and a happy life.” Addressed as a personal letter to Philothea (which means “lover of God”) this book covers all the parts of a devout life:


- Our desire to lead a devout life
- Our full resolution to do so
- How we should approach God in prayer and the sacraments
- The practice of sixteen important virtues
- Remedies against ordinary temptations
- And confirmation in our practice of devotion


With this book you will be prepared for any struggle in your life. From minor everyday worries to the larger concerns of your vocation and your Christian duties, Saint Francis de Sales’s perennial work will be your guide to sainthood.


This printing is a facsimile reproduction of an original printing (pre-1923) published in the United States.

Introduction to a Devout Life

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