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Dan and Danielle Bean, married for 25 years and veteran parents of 8 children, offer a modern take on an ancient idea: in marriage, we are called to something greater than ourselves. What can that mean in a modern world that abhors sacrifice, rejects the concept of permanence, and devalues the sacrament of marriage? Pulling from the wisdom of the Church and lessons learned from their own real-life experience, Dan and Danielle reflect on the ideas of: Vocation, Sacrament, Sacrifice, Mutual Love, And Home and Family Life. With personal stories, humor, touching insight, and practical suggestions, they offer complimentary reflections, as husband and wife, on the value and meaning of marriage for Christians today.


This book also features a rich collection of Catholic marriage resources, including: Prayers for Marriage, Teachings of the Church, Scripture for Marriage and Family, Wisdom from the Saints, And Hymns. A thoughtful gift for engaged couples and newlyweds, this book is also a practical resource that can inspire and rejuvenate long-married and even struggling couples.

Manual for Marriage

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