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Practical Insights from John Paul II’s Love and Responsibility.


Fr. Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II’s name before he became the pontiff in 1978) published Love and Responsibility in 1960. It revealed his fully formed philosophy of marriage and sheds light on the dynamics between men and women. Some consider his analysis of the true meaning of human love as life changing and practical, shedding light on real issues between men and women. 


This updated and expanded edition of Edward Sri’s classic meditation on Pope John Paul II’s Love and Responsibility includes a new introduction, new chapters for single people and engaged couples, and maybe most importantly the stories of people whose lives have been transformed by Pope John Paul II’s foundational teaching on relationships. “Edward Sri is a gifted teacher and an equally talented writer. This book shows why. He breaks open Karol Wojtyla's great text, Love and Responsibility, in a way that's clear, engaging and very practical for the challenges of daily life.” – Charles J. Chaput, OFM, Archbishop of Philadelphia.


In Men, Women and the Mystery of Love, Edward Sri breaks down the contents of John Paul’s epic work, making it more accessible to the reader. It isn’t a manual on sexual ethics, more so a no-nonsense discussion on issues we face as couples. He emphasizes the down-to-earth nature of Love and Responsibility, giving readers actionable advice on issues like: How to determine if a relationship is one of authentic love or is doomed to failure; The problem of pornography; The meaning of friendship; How to achieve greater intimacy in marriage; The difference between feeling “I’m in love” and love itself; and so many other valuable questions. 


While this book is a great personal resource, it also can be used in a variety of situations like small group studies, marriage preparation classes, and other parish settings. It offers valuable advice for just about everyone, from young single adults and engaged couples to newlyweds and couples celebrating their 35th anniversary. Study questions with each chapter make this a valuable resource not only for individual personal reading, but also for small group study.

Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love

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