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Now in audio book format, read by the author, Gary Michael Voris!


How many Catholic souls have been lost over these past fifty years? How many have walked away from the Catholic faith for a false religion or for no religion at all? And why does practically no one in the Church ever speak in these terms anymore?


The Church has lost Her self-understanding: Catholics no longer understand who they are, what their role in history is, or what is their proper relationship to God. This has come about as the result of a devastating demolition of Catholic life, where Catholics cohabit, contracept, divorce and abort at the same rate as non-Catholics, and in some cases at even higher rates.

Today's bishops are in a state of what one Canadian bishop has called "managing the decline." The culture has turned against Catholic morality and will soon turn completely against the Church itself. Litigation, legislation, and other forms of organized attacks will soon force Catholics to choose between apostasy and martyrdom.


This book is meant to help Catholics understand the nature of the crisis and the failure of the leadership that has brought it about, and awaken Catholics to the serious need to get our spiritual lives in order if we wish to gain Heaven.


"Anyone seeking clarity about the crisis facing the Catholic Church today can do no better than to read [Militant]. While whole libraries have been written about the post-Vatican II Church and ideas about how the Church can renew itself - think about the new cottage industry devoted to the 'New Evangelization'- few of these books have the breadth, depth or eloquence Voris brings to the subject." ~Jay McNally


8-disc audio CD set. Total Running Time: 8 hours, 48 minutes

Militant: Resurrecting Authentic Catholicism Audio CD

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