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An exciting work of speculative fiction!


The Canon Guards tells of mankind in the far future in a desperate war for survival as they fight to stave off the oncoming tide of demonic horror pouring forth from the dark shroud. The Canon Guards are a legion of power knights, genetically modified super-soldiers, who swore allegiance to the Holy See, secretly fighting alongside humanity as the Church had been driven underground.


The story centers around Ptarick as he joins the ranks of the Canon Guards and eventually becomes the commander of an entire company. He is tasked with eradicating the demon invasion on the planet Vetrinus, at which he and his company are successful. After this, trouble begins to brew on the planet Carmina IV, which reports planetary guard and Union Army regiments being wiped out by monsters with glowing eyes and black skin. Fearing a demonic incursion, Ptarick and his company are sent to investigate. However, the forces of the Hellborn are hard at work as well, as an old enemy resurfaces and seeks to claim the planet and its inhabitants in the name of the Dark Lord. Battles are fought, friends are lost, and enemies are destroyed as these two forces collide in this epic war of Good against Evil.

The Canon Guards

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