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The Vortex was launched on Monday, September 1, 2008, and since that date, more than 2,000 episodes have been produced, an average of about 250 per year. The first volume of this book and others to follow are compilations of scripts that actually aired and which follow along some of the more established themes and issues that have proven to be the most discussed and most viewed.


Perhaps no other video commentary has stirred such impassioned responses among Catholics over the last decade than The Vortex.


The hard-hitting, direct, no-holds-barred approach has unsettled many in the Establishment Church, as their ongoing failures of leadership have resulted in the greatest falling away from the Catholic faith in the Church's 2,000-year sacred history.


And yet, in the face of staggering losses never before seen in the Church in the West, too many clerical leaders and their career professional staff would rather focus on criticizing The Vortex than solving the problems in their dioceses. One now-retired bishop sympathetic to the commentary in The Vortex once jokingly said to Michael Voris, "No wonder they hate your guts."


In addition to the hostility received by Church Militant from many in the Church Establishment, The Vortex has more importantly been the channel of grace for many souls to come back to the authentic faith. Streams of emails, letters, and phone calls give evidence to the testimony of Vortex viewers whose eyes have been opened to the reality of the current conditions in the Church, and who realize the need to reclaim their Catholic identity, or convert to the One True Faith.

The Vortex: Scripts

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