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Michael Voris' second publication explores the power of the Holy Rosary. This is the revised second edition.


"The 'Hail Mary' said well is the force that puts the devil to flight." ~ St. Louis de Montfort


"The Rosary represents a symbol of Mary's graces. Christians invoke Her as 'Queen of the Most Holy Rosary,' which conjures up the brilliant conquests of faith over evil and over religious ignorance." ~ Pope Pius XII


"The Rosary in particular is a sign of predestination. Our fidelity in reciting it is a sure sign of salvation." ~ Bd. Alan de la Roche


"When we speak the name of Mary, Heaven becomes more beautiful and earth rejoices. The demons are terrified and vanish like dust in the wind." ~ St. Francis of Assisi


"To become perfect, say a Rosary a day." ~ St. Louis de Montfort

The Weapon Hardcover Book

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