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Action Is Necessary For Solutions

Updated: May 17

You know you are in a war for not only the soul of civilization, but also your own immortal soul. And you know that you need to take action, not merely passively consume content or scream at Fox News.

That is why Souls and Liberty is standing with you to help you take ACTION and achieve SOLUTIONS to the problems that plague the Church, the world, and most especially yourself.

The first of these actions is PRAYER.  Souls and Liberty stands ready to assist you in your prayer life. All the Souls and Liberty staff pray the Divine Office (morning and evening prayer) and the Rosary each day. And we pray them WITH YOU.

If you do not have the Christian Prayer book, the breviary to pray the Divine Office, you can get one from our store here. And, we have the page numbers you need to pray posted here on our website.

You certainly own a Rosary … but do you want to pray the scriptural meditations used by Souls and Liberty? They are available as an audio download here, as well as part of the book The Weapon here.

The newly-launched Souls and Liberty store is packed with books and more to help YOU grow in knowledge and holiness, to help you take ACTION to achieve these vital SOLUTIONS you and civilization and the Church need.

You cannot act without knowledge. You cannot act without prayer.

And you cannot act alone, which is why Souls and Liberty is presenting events for you to attend. The first we are announcing is our Retreat At Sea. Isolate yourself from the distractions of the mundane world and journey into the deep to grow in holiness and understanding with a world-class group of speakers and like-minded retreatants.

To learn more about our post-election Retreat At Sea, where the focus will be on what we, as faithful Catholics, should do after the November 5 election … regardless of how it goes! We are “Christians In Exile.” To learn more, visit this webpage for full details and instructions on how to register.

This enlightening retreat is just the first of many events we have planned. The items in the store are just the beginning of what we will make available. And the articles and videos on our website are just the start.

Stay tuned this Friday for another exciting opportunity to bring the Heart of Christ to the heart of the world. Souls and Liberty is excited to work with YOU to pray, to bring actions and solutions to the world.

God love you,

Mary McCann, President

Souls and Liberty

Please click here to make an online donation. If you prefer to donate by check, kindly make it payable to Church Militant and mail to 1415 S. Voss Rd., Ste 110-553, Houston, TX 77057. Due to IRS regulations, donations to Church Militant, a 501(c)(4), are not normally tax-deductible.

Souls and Liberty is a registered DBA (“doing business as”) of Church Militant, a 501(c)(4) registered in Houston, Texas. Charges for donations will still appear on your credit card statement as “Church Militant” until May 17, 2024, when the charges will then reflect “Souls and Liberty”.

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