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Biden's Attempts to Fool American Voters

Sleight of hand tricks at the border

Biden is using trickery and deception to try and turn his flagging polls around this week, issuing an executive order on the crisis at the southern border.

The reality, however, is not very much will change – and it's too little too late, by design.

"Biden’s executive order is a ploy to trick the American people before November. In his first 100 days in office he issued 94 executive orders to OPEN the border because that has been his goal all along." — Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

The order, issued Tuesday, promises to "bar migrants who cross our Southern border unlawfully from receiving asylum."

Effective immediately, it allegedly restricts access to asylum for those crossing the southern border illegally after illegal migrant encounters reach 2,500 per day for seven consecutive days.

Any more than ZERO individuals illegally entering our Constitutional Republic is too many!!! — online commenter

According to the order, "These actions are not permanent. They will be discontinued when the number of migrants who cross the border between ports of entry is low enough for America’s system to safely and effectively manage border operations."

Biden's executive order was met with fierce criticism from Republican lawmakers and ordinary citizens. Democrats were mostly silent.

"The person who wrote it is either cell-deep stupid or a skilled liar. I think the appropriate term for it is a scam." — Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA)

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) lambasted Biden's latest shenanigan. At a Senate press briefing Tuesday, he let loose on Biden's true motivations for the order.

"Biden is in trouble politically. He's polling right up there with fungal infections. Part of the reason for that is that he gave in to the loon wing of his party, and he dissolved the southern border," he said.

"Now five months before an election, he has to appear to be willing to do something about it, hence this executive order," the senator added.

Kennedy also laid into the mainstream journalists for not doing their jobs, instead serving as a mouthpiece for the government:

"[Biden] expects you to report this epiphany that he has had, take what the White House is telling you, balance it on your noses like trained seals and report it uncritically."

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) also weighed in, commenting on the significance behind the timing of Biden's immigration order. He said, "Waiting until 3.5 years into his presidency to lift a finger is nothing more than election-year camouflage."

Cruz also gave a heads-up to American voters, warning them not to be deceived by sure-to-come reports from the White House that border numbers are down as a result of the order.

He predicted "useful idiots in the mainstream media" will begin to report a decrease in the number of border crossers just as they will report on lower gas prices to tilt the election in Biden's favor.

"We have had 11 million people invade this country because Joe Biden and the Democrats want 11 million people to invade this country." — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Perhaps the strongest punch leveled against the order came from the man Biden and his cronies are trying, so far unsuccessfully, to knock out — President Trump.

In a 3-minute video issued from Truth Social, Trump spelled out the dangers — and duplicity — of Biden's latest political move.

"Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of our country by far, has totally surrendered our Southern border. His weakness and extremism have resulted in a border invasion like we have never seen before. Other countries have emptied out their prisons insane asylums and mental institutions and sent us drug dealers human traffickers and terrorists." — President Trump

Crooked Joe Biden is pretending to finally do something about the border," Trump said, "but, in fact, it's all about show because he knows we have a debate coming up in three weeks."

"The truth is that Joe Biden's executive order won't stop the invasion. It's weak and it's pathetic. ... Millions of people a year will continue to pour across our border and be released into our country," he continued.

"All he had to do is say, 'Close the border.' That's the power of the presidency," he added.

"So [Biden's] still letting in 2500 daily, that’s 75000 a month. Wow! Thanks big guy, for nothing." — online commenter

It gets worse

After Biden signed the executive order, leaked emails, obtained by the New York Post (NYP), revealed how the White House is stealthily working to increase the number of migrants qualifying for asylum

The emails revealed a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo directing ICE agents to broaden the definition of "fear," thus giving a green light to virtually all migrants.

According to the memo, "[F]ear may be manifested verbally, non-verbally, or physically ... hysteria, trembling, shaking, unusual behavior, changes in tone of voice, incoherent speech patterns, panic attacks, or an unusual level of silence.”

"The scary thing is there's people that dont see [Biden's machinations]." — online commenter

The DHS is also advising migrants who are “hungry or thirsty,” need “medical care,” fear “persecution or torture if removed from the United States,” or if they are “victims of abuse … sexual assault,” or “have witnessed a crime” to tell an officer and “your claim will be heard.”

The directions are written in several languages including Spanish, Chinese, Punjabi and K’iche’, an indigenous Central American language.

Even as the Biden administration is feigning border protection in the latest EO, the DHS is also lifting restrictions on border crossers who are “unaccompanied children, victims of a severe form of trafficking, those who face an acute medical emergency or an imminent and extreme threat to life and safety.”

A retired Deputy Patrol Agent in Charge of the El Paso Station told the NYP that the new DHS exemptions have migrant traffickers already "rewriting their business plans" based on Biden's changes.

"Americans aren’t stupid!! We are done with this administration!!!" — online commenter

Another Biden betrayal come to light this week is a covert mass amnesty scheme for illegal migrants.

Cited by numerous sources, data gathered by Syracuse University’s Transactional Record Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) shows the Biden Administration has closed more than 350,000 asylum cases since the beginning of 2022.

This means Individuals whose asylum cases are terminated are no longer tracked by ICE agents and can pursue potential pathways to gain legal status.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) slammed DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for the covert operation. In a June 4 letter, he wrote:

"Effectively, you have allowed hundreds of thousands of migrants to remain in the United States indefinitely — for no other reason than the fact that their immigration case was not heard." — Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo)

"This maneuver poses grave threats to the safety and security of the American people," Hawley added, referencing the Venezuelan illegal alien recently accused of shooting multiple NYPD officers, whose immigration case was closed May 2024; and Jose Ibarra, the alleged murderer of Laken Riley, illegally paroled into the US by the Biden Administration.

Biden claimed he was forced to issue the order to secure the border because Republicans ("not all," he noted) had four months ago refused "the strongest border security agreement in decades."

Biden accused Trump of directing Republicans not to vote for it because he "didn't want to fix the issue he wanted to use it to attack me. That's what he wanted to do," Biden whined.


In the previously cited press briefing, Sen. Kennedy lamented that "Every time I think [Biden] has hit rock bottom, he has managed to find a shovel and continue to dig. That's what the American people see. ... They may be poorer under President Biden but they're not stupid."

Dr. Barbara Toth has a doctorate in rhetoric and composition from Bowling Green State University. She has taught at universities in the US, China and Saudi Arabia. Her work in setting up a writing center at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahmen University, an all-women's university in Riyadh, has been cited in American journals. Toth has published academic and non-academic articles and poems internationally.

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