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Bringing the Heart of Jesus to Times Square!

Like you, Souls and Liberty is committed to ACTION leading to SOLUTIONS. Before action can be taken, you have to be informed – that is why we are bringing you daily articles focusing on Catholic truth and its impact in the public sphere.

The first step of action is prayer – that is why we pray for you each day, and ask you to pray for us and with us. We pray the Divine Office and Rosary each day, and ask you to do the same.

Now Souls and Liberty is proud to reveal our first piece of action in the public square – quite literally in the public square!

The month of June has always been dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Jesus’ heart is a divine heart, and the most-perfect human heart. His heart is meek and humble, overflowing with love for us and burning with His mercy.

And, it also burns with His justice. Only in Christ’s heart, wounded for the love of man by the sins of man, can justice and mercy perfectly meet.

It is for these reasons that the demonic ideology of LGBT has chosen June as their “Pride Month.” Not content with hijacking the symbol of God’s promise to always temper His justice with mercy, the rainbow, they place their blasphemous celebration in the month dedicated to Jesus’ Sacred Heart. And, to make matters worse, they trumpet their “Pride” – said by many as the foremost of the seven capital sins! – in the month of His most humble of hearts.

For all these reasons, Souls and Liberty is beginning a campaign to bring an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to billboards all across the country, and perhaps beyond. We will be displaying an image of the Savior of Mankind with His heart overflowing with love and burning with mercy in the public square.

And, for our first billboard, what a square!

No less than Times Square in New York City. We will be bringing the Sacred Heart to the heart of Babylon. The heart wounded by mankind’s eating of the apple will come to the Big Apple.

We need your support. Can you donate today to support this billboard, and the ones that will come after it? With your help, we will not stop with New York City and Times Square.

A digital mockup of how the billboard will look in Times Square

For the entire month of the Sacred Heart, the billboard will be seen by tens of thousands of New Yorkers and tourists visiting the city. For the whole of June, the image of Christ will come to a city troubled by crime and abortion and violence. The Prince of Peace will come to a city of conflict.

Can you support us? Can you donate today so we can not only display this billboard, but others in the future, in other cities? Can you open your wallet as Christ opened His heart so that His mercy can be seen by those who do not have your advantages?

You are blessed by Christ with knowledge and love of Him. You know Him, but there are many who do not. There are many who will not see Him.

The image of the Sacred Heart has moved many to conversion, brought many to Christ. His heart is a powerful witness.

In the rotten heart of the corrupt capital of the fallen world, the heart of the Prince of the Universe will be seen.

God love you,

Mary McCann, President

Souls and Liberty

Please click here to make an online donation. If you prefer to donate by check, kindly make it payable to Souls and Liberty and mail to – 1415 S. Voss Rd., Ste 110-553, Houston, TX 77057. Due to IRS regulations, donations to Souls and Liberty, a 501(c)(4), are not normally tax-deductible.

Souls and Liberty is a registered DBA (“doing business as”) of Church Militant, a 501(c)(4) registered in Houston, Texas.

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1 Comment

That Guy
That Guy
May 17

It will be interesting to see the crime stats that month in the square vs. other months and the year before.

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