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Catholic MAGA

MAGA is developing a distinctive Catholic veneer

As the election seems more and more to be slipping out of reach (according to all the polls) of "catholic" Joe Biden — the movement that stands in opposition to him and his Communist Party is looking more and more Catholic — authentically Catholic, that is.

True — when it comes to politics and power, there is no such thing as a pure, theologically correct, party. But, there are certainly ones that are diametrically opposed to anything even remotely resembling "correct theology" — and modern Democrats/Communists fit the bill to a tee.

So, it's only natural that citizens opposed to an anti-God agenda will begin to hew more closely to whatever alternative exists — even if it is imperfect, sometimes glaringly so.

And in the competition between Trump and Biden — it isn't so much about the men, although they are the ones on the ballot — it's about the competing worldviews, simply espoused by each man.

Because of this — Catholics, whose faith is at least somewhat meaningful to them, are trending more and more to Trump, or more precisely, MAGA.

Noteworthy also is the recent trend of high-profile conversions to Catholicism by already existing MAGA supporters. MAGA and authentic Catholicism are becoming somewhat kindred spirits.

For example — Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker didn't explicitly endorse Trump or MAGA at his recent commencement address at Benedictine College, but he did denounce Joe Biden and his phony "Catholicism," on full display when Biden made the sign of the cross at a pro-child killing event a couple weeks ago.

There are strong indications that MAGA is undergoing a type of conversion to authentic Catholicism — at least after a fashion — a reality that the Communist Democrats will become increasingly enraged over as they see their prior claim to "the Catholic vote" wane more and more. (Stretching back decades, with rare exception — whichever presidential candidate has won the majority of Catholic voters, has also won the White House.)

It's not just the abortion issue driving the Catholic-MAGA dynamic, but the entire litany of issues that decent people hold dear — the family, for example. And that means everything surrounding the family — the ability to afford to raise children is of primary concern for many (medical insurance, housing, groceries, clothing, education, etc.) There is not one of those categories that the long arm of Biden Communism has not deeply penetrated owing to out-of-control inflation.

When normal people speak of the "middle class," it's the segment of society busy with child-rearing that most understand the term to reference. And for people of faith, that normally means children and everything that goes along with "family issues."

Two grassroots movements have begun to coalesce around a political agenda — authentic Catholicism and MAGA Patriotism — and one is beginning to reflect the other. Even if adherents to either movement may not recognize it very clearly, the Communist Left has, and they are on the attack.

Note the vitriol spewed against Butker on social media for his commencement comments, which were hardly controversial considering he's a committed Catholic, speaking to Catholic graduates at a decidedly authentic Catholic college.

All he said, in essence, is — raising a family — especially for women/mothers — is the most rewarding life that can be followed. That was enough to throw the Commies into a diabolical rage — demanding his head, and silencing and censoring — which, of course, the NFL front office quickly bowed to — severely distancing themselves from him.

Everything the Communist Left (aka Democrats) has engaged in for the past half-century through gaining control of all the cultural institutions across the board — is to disabuse Americans of that simple truth — that families are basic, and a society should do all it can to support them (and that includes politically.)

The grassroots movements within the Church, as well as the citizenry, understand and accept this. They are both, in fact, the promoters of it and live it out every day. For MAGA and Catholics — family (the traditional family) is non-negotiable and they will not tolerate their kids coming in the line of fire — from the womb all the way up to their own pursuit of a family.

The grassroots movements, however, are just that — grassroots. They have received very little support from their own leaders — be they US bishops or GOP Party strongmen.

Catholics in MAGA are understanding more and more that it has been the silence and, depending on the individual bishop, the complicity of their own religious leaders who have helped propel the Communists to such high office — now threatening their children with their anti-family, anti-faith policies.

Likewise — Patriots within MAGA also grasp that their own political leaders have done little else other than pay lip service to the agenda of "the family" — going along with the dismantling of the economy, for example, by the Democrats — thus eroding the ability to "live in peace" in the home, as those same economic issues and policies increasingly disrupt family dynamics (both parents needing to work in many cases, for example.)

A coalition of faithful Catholics and US Patriots is drawing closer together and has the potential this November to "re-set" America, or at the very least, draw a line in the sand and say, "no farther." A Trump victory is critical to this, absolutely vital. The Communists at the DNC recognize this; let's hope and work toward enough Catholics and Patriots recognizing it, as well.

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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1 Comment

I think the Left has gone too far, too fast, and they may have, in their unbridled glee, blown their cover too soon.

Hopefully, the 'Bud Light' reaction will spead amongst we regular 'Mericans'. Behold the imminent demise of Target, Disney, the BOY Scouts, and many others who've "gone woke" and then....broke.

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