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Catholic US Senator Goes Full MAGA

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has fully embraced the need to fight Communism

When Senator Marco Rubio first emerged on the national political stage as the junior senator from Florida — his youth, and to a degree his naivete, resulted in him being somewhat discounted as a kind of "lightweight" — reliable enough to vote correctly most of the time, but nothing of the stuff of a "leader" there.

That criticism can now largely be laid to rest. Despite his mauling at the "hands" of Trump in the 2016 primary debates, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more vocal supporter in the US Senate of all that MAGA stands for.

Rubio's family hails from Cuba, and are all too familiar with Communism. While his parents emigrated to the US two years before Castro's revolution, various family members who stayed behind (including Rubio's grandfather who influenced him greatly) reported the atrocities of living under Communist rule.

Rubio is another example of the increasingly "catholic face" of MAGA. Although he attended a Southern Baptist congregation in West Kendall Florida over ten years ago, he has since returned to his Catholic roots and attends Mass at St. Theresa of the Little Flower Catholic parish in Coral Gables — where he also married his wife, who together have four children.

Rubio has come on strong of late — blasting the Communist aligned mainstream media in various interviews. He has clearly upped his daily dose of MAGA testosterone and brooks none of the chicanery and tricky "are you still beating your wife" type questions the fake media are notorious for when interviewing patriots.

Rubio gives zero ground when the Communist apparatchiks come after him on issue after issue. In fact, he is so masterful in his approach and takedown of their media goons that he should set up a side hustle teaching media training to his fellow weak-kneed Republicans.

For example — on a recent broadcast of NBC's Meet The Press, Rubio leveled host Kristen Welker, and rebuffed every effort she made to trap him on issues from illegal immigration to, especially, election integrity.

No matter how you slice it — that is a different Marco Rubio than even just a few years ago. Perhaps he felt just as strongly about some of these issues, as well as others — but he was far from being the poster boy Senator for the entire MAGA movement. Today, he is just that.

There is a "fight back" and "take them down" attitude resounding in his responses, his whole demeanor, in fact. Once seen as a kind of shy kid, he is that no longer. Rubio has a certain "juice" now, that once other Communist media-types witness after these sorts of interviews, will ensure his time on their airwaves will soon be severely curtailed.

It's clear that while Rubio is speaking much more aggressively than in years past — he also believes what he's saying and responding. He not a theater major reading the script for a character he's playing; he's a US Senator from a deep red state that understands the threat to democracy is the democrats (who have come out as fully supportive of Communism.)

Following the trajectory of his own great awakening — coming back to his Catholic roots and liturgical life, tapping into the memories of his Cuban family's experience with Communism under Castro, and watching the rapid descent of at least parts of America into Communist hellholes with non-existent borders and massive lack of election integrity — Rubio, like many others, seems to have grasped the truth that the nation is at a crossroads unlike any other in its history.

Whatever has emboldened him, it is contagious, and the base is responding — and not just the base, but many who have been somewhat lukewarm to Trump in the past. The knock on Trump from the political intelligentsia has been that he could never crack that 45% threshold with voters. His supporters were passionate, yes; but not enough to propel him to victory.

Rubio is the face in the US Senate of not just MAGA, but actually Joe six-pack as well. A recent Harvard-Harris poll, for the first time, shows Trump rocketing to a 53% majority over Biden among registered voters across the nation.

Digging into the polls — it's the very issues that Rubio is trumpeting so loudly and aggressively, practically an "in your face" style as he takes on all comers in the Communist media apparatus that are resonating with voters.

Rubio ran for the presidency against Trump in the GOP primaries in 2016 and got his lunch handed to him. Perhaps he just needed a little more seasoning. And who knows — perhaps a Trump-Rubio ticket could be in the offing.

A future Rubio White House administration doesn't sound all that bad.

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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