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Celebrate the Wins!

Updated: 6 days ago

Patriots should cheer new signs of hope for the nation

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We often read about doom and gloom. Of course, it's important that we are aware of the dangers that face us — and there are plenty of them. But it is equally important, both for our sanity and our attachment to reality, to be aware of the positive changes that have been made – our wins, and those who have worked tirelessly to achieve them.

For over a decade now, we've seen a meticulous undermining of our nations and institutions. We've seen the blatant propaganda, the evil agendas pushed en masse. We've seen institutions we once might have believed were neutral turned into weapons, often against the very patriots we all believed they existed to defend. Needless to say, after a decade of this kind of psychological warfare, it is easy to be jaded and demoralized.

This is why it is important to recognize the forces pushing back against this encroaching darkness, as well as recognize victories when they appear. The recent confusion and disarray in the Democrat establishment over Biden's fitness is a big victory. Whatever forces came together to present on full display what anyone with eyes and a brain free of constraint saw years ago, the resulting confusion in the Biden camp and voter base is certainly something to celebrate. Like in any competition or contest, you must take the fumbles your opponent offers and use them to shift momentum in your favor.

With this point in mind, let's review a few of the recent "wins" we've seen this year alone, and take a glimpse at some of the battles coming down the pike.


In January of 2024, a lawyer friend of mine mentioned there may be significant challenges to some long-standing SCOTUS rulings. The first he mentioned was the review of the extrajudicial powers of regulatory and enforcement agencies.

"They essentially act as Congress, court, and compeller," he said, referring to the ability of these agencies to interpret legislation as they wished, create regulations around their interpretation, and enforce those regulations, "which is the exact opposite of the separation of powers the founders intended."

While I didn't know it at the time, he was referring to what would eventually become the recent "Chevron deference" ruling, in which federal agencies were stripped of the power to act as de facto judge, jury, and executioner over entire silos of society.

As noted in one of Souls and Liberty's videos on the subject, this ruling had a twofold effect that could have a significant impact on not only the separation of powers and the restriction of the Deep State, but also on reigning in Congress and forcing them to be more transparent in their legislation.

Congress has a history of sneaky behaviors, some of which were outlined in Tucker Carlson's recent interview with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) (the information he shared in that interview is definitely another win for the American people).

One of these behaviors is the crafting of a bill, naming it something no one could oppose without serious public backlash (such as the "Puppies Are Cute Act," "No Child Left Behind," or the infamous "Patriot Act") and then filling it with all kinds of odious inclusions.

It is common for such bills to have nothing at all to do with their titles, and instead push policies that are completely unrelated. One recent example of this is the "Inflation Reduction Act" which, despite its nice-sounding name, did nothing to reduce inflation; but did expand "Obamacare," change corporate tax rates, and pass new climate change legislation.

The hope, and possibly big win, with the Chevron ruling is that Congress will have to be more transparent and specific in their legislation if they want to avoid overwhelming the system due to different court interpretations of their typically vague legislation. It would also mean that the effects of poor legislation can be traced directly back to Congress, where the people can hold the parties responsible for the legislation they allow or pass. Another win.


There were several other great rulings in that one Supreme Court session. The scope of prosecution in the Jan. 6 cases was narrowed, as the Supreme Court ruled that the Biden Department of Justice overreached in its prosecution.

The Hill referred to the ruling as "neutering" the obstruction charge, leaving the prosecution "scrambling to maintain their long-held narrative that the riot was a threat to American democracy."

This means the government will have a harder time going after Jan. 6 defendants, and those who have been sentenced may be able to gain redress in their sentencing.

My friend also mentioned in passing that there may be more rulings like this on similarly impactful — and previously unassailable, though unconstitutional — legislation coming soon. One big one he mentioned was an inquiry into the unconstitutional abuses baked into the Civil Rights Act (CRA) that have, so far, gone mostly unchallenged but have caused significant problems in American society.

Part of the unconstitutionality of race-based preferential treatment has already been successfully fought and won in the recent rulings on Affirmative Action in university admissions. However, the reality is that the effects of the CRA are what underpin so much of the "woke" madness affecting the nation today.

Whether we look at the destruction of the Boy Scouts via forced inclusion, the effects of the legislation on freedom of association, or the forced implementation of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) affecting the freedom of businesses to hire based on merit – the closer we look the more we see that particular piece of legislation needs to be revisited and its unconstitutional aspects amended.

It is obvious, then, that the judicial branch remains a critical tool in the upending of unconstitutional and anti-American laws. A crucial check and balance against the continuous Communist onslaught. In this regard, it is important not only that Trump win in November (to secure any upcoming appointments), but that he also leans on strong Christian, pro-American, pro-Constitution advisors and organizations during his next term.


This brings us to another set of wins to celebrate. First, Trump is polling well across the nation.

270 to Win shows the former president currently leads in likely electoral votes, and The Ellis Report finds that lead might be even bigger; with states like Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New Mexico — traditionally Democrat strongholds — in a dead heat, and many other "must-win" states leaning favorably toward Trump.

Meanwhile, the RNC is working overtime to ensure a proper election is held, and even former opponents of Trump are giving him their support and hosting fundraisers for him.

Of course, the fight is far from over — there are big battles still on the horizon in education, culture, economics, and as mentioned previously, ending discriminatory legislation.

However, it seems the people of the United States have shown their fighting spirit, and like John Paul Jones they have yelled back through their actions, "Hell no! We haven't even begun to fight!"

With that dogged American spirit in play, those who wish for the capitulation of the Western world should begin to fear.

Arthur is a former editor and consultant. Born in India to missionary parents, he spent his early career working in development for NGOs in Asia, Central America, and Africa.

Arthur has an educational background in history and psychology, with certifications from the University of Oxford and Leiden in the economics, politics, and ethics of mass migration and comparative theories in terrorism and counterterrorism. He is currently launching CivWest, a company focused on building capital to fund restorative projects and create resilient systems across the Western world.

Please join us in praying and fighting for Souls and Liberty; as well as, consider making a donation to support our work.

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1 Comment

Hmm...this article seems to be avoiding the fact that the RNC today watered down its decades long stance on abortion at the behest of...wait for it... the "most 'pro-life president ever," or so his admirers have dubbed him. Trump also got them to include the promotion of birth control and IVF in the platform. I can't wait to see the mental gymnastics his apologists come up with to explain this one away.

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