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Deep State's Chain of Deception – and Hatred for Humanity

Hunter Biden case is a textbook case of how Democracy is doomed if Biden wins

Rarely does a case come along that reveals every single link in a chain of lies and conspiracies. Rarely do we have the names of all the players (even their physical signatures on a widely publicized document.) Rarely is the media's cooperation in the conspiracy so easily demonstrated.

But, because of bumbling Hunter Biden, the "First Son" (if you presume Joe/Dad actually won the election), everything is now out in the full light of day. And to think it all began because Hunter handed over his broken laptop to a repair shop, and just never went back to get it.

It was jammed with all manner of nefarious content; not just sexually explicit, but – more concerning to the Controlling Powers of the Deep State – it revealed the treason that Joe Biden and his family had/have been engaged in for decades. and more than revealed – it actually proved it.

Aside from the child pornography, the drug-fueled selfie videos, the gun-toting images (that was what the prosecution was able to nail him in court for) – aside from all that were also the emails about Crooked Joe (Trump proving yet again, he was right.)

Hunter's personal stuff is one story – and, admittedly, if he weren't the First Son – no one would really care about any of that.

But because his father was the sitting vice president, and currently unelected president, it's all the rest of the data on the laptop that had to be concealed, lied about, covered up and have the entire Deep State slam into overdrive and create a conspiracy.

It's funny how the Communist-Democrats (and not a few Republican collaborators) are always screaming and breathless about conspiracy theorists on the Right (and there certainly are some), but conceal their own with an expertise more in keeping with the Mafioso.

What the laptop shows that the Deep State was concerned about is extremely shady business dealings with overseas countries and companies where the Biden family profited handsomely (not just Hunter, the family), to the tune of millions of dollars; and, here is the important and likely criminal point – while Joe Biden was vice president.

He knew, allowed and blessed Hunter's activities to get rich using his name and powerful position – and it's all on the laptop emails; bolstered now by multiple witnesses and actual business partners who have gone public on the Biden Crime Family (Trump, being right yet again.)

Obviously, the Deep State players knew all of the Biden family's illegal activities long before the crackhead Hunter dropped off the laptop. But, when news of the laptop broke – that was something for which they had not planned.

And, here is where the network of criminal, unconstitutional and treasonous characters got into high gear with the intent – looking at you Alvin Bragg – of interfering in the 2020 election to ensure Joe Biden won.

The FBI got the computer from the repair shop (but, not before the owner realized what he had and shared it with others) in December of 2019.

The FBI (part of the Deep State) figured out pretty quickly that it was authentic and the info on it, if it became public, would likely cost Biden the election. This was almost a full year before the election.

So, the agency leaders concocted the "Russian disinformation" story and quietly, privately, peddled the phony narrative around social media platform leaders (part of the Deep State) to "warn" them that they might start hearing news of all this and should be on the lookout for it.

Of course, the Social Media giants, in ideological lockstep with the social goals of the Deep State, dutifully accepted the cautions from the FBI.

The Bureau had, therefore, laid the groundwork – set the stage – to intercept any media stories prior to them coming out. And, come out they did – thanks to the New York Post.

But, the Post was unaware that the Deep State already had its bases covered, and when the Post pushed its story on social media – every platform shut it down and censored it – preventing voters from learning the truth.

Biden, FBI leaders, Facebook, Twitter (not under Musk ownership at the time) – all conspired to prevent you from seeing and reading the NY Post expose.

But, censoring the details, it was determined, was not enough. The Russian disinformation narrative had to be pushed harder. So, Antony Blinken, the current United States Secretary of State, organized a team of 51 very high-level intelligence officers, including five former CIA Directors, to sign what they all knew was a document of lies – insisting the laptop was not authentic and the info being reported about it was not real – "it's all Russian disinformation meant to interfere in the upcoming election" – that was the battle cry from the Deep State.

It was the Deep State itself – working to make sure the sitting president would not be re-elected – that was spreading the disinformation. And ... it worked!

Biden's campaign was not submarined by the news of his treason and crimes (like Hillary's had been back in 2016 at the last minute.) And – with a little help from millions of Covid-era mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting efforts, lack of voter authentication, sudden vote-count stoppages in five key democratic counties, questionable voting machines, pre-election poll defying deftness, incredible never-before-seen statistical anomalies, mysterious dead of the night (literally) new count numbers emerging – Biden eked out a "victory" on paper, and the country may not ever recover.

The Deep State had survived by the skin of its teeth – owing to likely criminal acts by its major actors – 51 of whom signed a document – a document that became the official cover for the conspiracy to succeed.

These men and women need to be arrested and charged with their crimes, including, hopefully, former President Biden – age-impaired or not. Those around Trump need to grasp the fullness of what happened here.

That coverup was as close as one can come to a coup without firing actual weapons. They didn't need to shoot guns. They had even more powerful weapons – the network of the Deep State – Corrupt Politicians, Intelligence Agencies, Social Media companies, Giant Tech, and the news media.

They all worked in tandem to lie and steal an election, and they succeeded. Surely even Alvin Bragg can see that (but don't count on any charges being filed anytime soon.)

Justice is the virtue of giving to each what each deserves. The Deep State actors, all of them, deserve prison sentences – long prison sentences for a multiplicity of evil. And, likewise – voters and citizens deserve a fair shake from their government.

No matter what all the soft-minded GOP collaborators (some of whom should be charged and tried, as well) might be counseling behind the scenes if Trump wins – President Donald Trump needs to come out within two seconds after taking the oath of office and bring the blowtorch. Skip the speech, the inaugural balls and all the hoopla.

The entire locus of this election has now shifted to something much more important than the economy, taxes, and all that. It's about doing justice, the administration of justice.

It has truly become all about Truth, Justice and the American Way. Votes for anything else simply do not matter.

In fact, even President Trump himself isn't free to decide if he will pursue justice against these wicked people. He has a duty, a moral duty, to DO SO. A country run, and so heavily influenced, by such corrupt men, can never be great; and certainly not Great Again.

Corruption is evil; and, in the case of this particular brand of corruption, its aim is to pervert a nation to usher in a new world order dedicated to the diabolical – to supplant Good with Evil.

If there isn't a duty on the part of President Trump to fight and eradicate every vestige he possibly can of the Deep State Corruption, through his renewed presidential powers (hopefully and prayerfully), then he doesn't understand the fullness and enormity of the stakes in the race.

America's greatness was never reliant on its economic power and might – although that obviously didn't hurt. What made America once great was the embrace, if even imperfectly, of the idea of Justice and Truth – underpinnings to all morality and the dignity of each person.

The Deep State hates America not because of its power and world influence or "far-right" MAGA people. It hates America because it hates mankind with its God-given dignity – and for this reason, and this reason alone, the Deep State INDIVIDUALS must be removed permanently from that society they would otherwise destroy.

This election is for keeps. The Deep State knows it – the laptop coverup proves it.

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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2 kommentarer

13. jun.

Yes yes yes! Dr. Phil asked Trump if he planned to ‘retaliate’ in last week’s interview. It’s not retaliatory but justice MUST be served or degenerates will continue to rise to the top!


12. jun.

----In fact, even President Trump himself isn't free to decide if he will pursue justice against these wicked people. He has a duty, a moral duty, to DO SO. A country run, and so heavily influenced, by such corrupt men, can never be great; and certainly not Great Again.----

Absolutely. If not this, then there really is no point in any of the next five months.

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