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Ep. 1 – Between a Rock and a Soft Place (Arius and Arianism)

Updated: Jun 8

There is only one house built on rock — the Catholic Church, founded on the firm foundation of Christ, Peter and the Apostles. And, there are many houses built on sand — heresies and false religions. Join Charles Hornbacher as he explores the early centuries of the Church, Her rise to political prominence in the Roman Empire and the first of the heresies that plagued Her: Arianism.

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This was very entertaining and educational. I remember learning about this at a church bible study a long time ago. This was a great refresher. Looking forward to more of this.


Great video. This is the first time I have heard or read about the history or Arianism that will stick with me because the presentation made it memorable and easy to understand. Congratulations on a beautifully presented topic.

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