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Is Civil War Coming?

Updated: May 16

How to be ready if it does

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 41% of likely US voters believe that the country will experience another civil war within the next five years. The same poll found that many believe the outcome of this next election will affect the likelihood of that war. This is not a one-sided opinion. A third of those polled believe civil war will be more likely if Joe Biden wins the 2024 election, while one-quarter believe the same regarding Donald Trump.

A second poll from The Economist and YouGov found that concerns about civil war strongly correlate with dissatisfaction over economic conditions. More than half of those polled believe the economy is worsening, while 65% of respondents reported that they believed the country was "on the wrong track." Jobs, the economy, and immigration were also key concerns with 97% of respondents concerned about jobs and the economy and 83% concerned about immigration. These numbers were almost identical among Black, White, and Hispanic Americans.

Dissatisfaction with the state of things is common. As humans, we have a never-ending tension between potential (the ideal) and reality (the constraints that exist in nature.) As such, no matter how good things might be, we are never truly satisfied. Of course, when things are going really bad, this tension is compounded. One does not have to spend much time on social media to find numerous discussions from left, right, and center regarding their dissatisfaction. 

In April, Canada's state broadcaster, the CBC, ran an article discussing humanity's fascination with apocalyptic predictions and ideation. The authors pointed out that even in generally quiet Canada, people are increasingly concerned with apocalyptic scenarios, as shown by the success of stories with that central theme. They cited Alex Garland's recent movie, Civil War, and its success at the box office, as well as TV series like Fallout, The Last of Us, and Leave the World Behind, each of which has the common theme of society-disrupting cataclysm.

In 2012, during a trend in public fascination with zombie apocalypse movies, psychologists began to write about what it was that attracted us to apocalyptic ideas. Steven Scholzman, a Harvard Medical School child psychiatrist and novelist, believed it had something to do with a return to simplicity. In his estimation, people romanticize apocalyptic events because they see them as a chance to throw off undesired societal dictates and "imagine themselves as surviving, thriving, and going back to nature." Or, in other words, to simplicity. They no longer have reports due, bills to pay, lawsuits to avoid, lobby groups to contend with, or teachers' meetings to attend. Life, in this view, becomes a romanticized version of simplicity, requiring just the basics — survival. 

It is obvious that many people feel overwhelmed by the state of the world around them. The increase in complexity and declining ability to live as one wishes can easily create a desire for drastic change. The unprecedented push for cultural, religious, and political diversity over the last few decades predictably created greater internal conflict and lowered societal trust. When one adds what seems like ever-increasing corruption within political systems and the growing dystopian technocratic surveillance, security, and censorship state, you can see why people, especially those who prefer to be left alone, might increasingly desire some sudden cataclysm that would end the current, unsatisfactory state of things. 

However, as Julius Caesar said in his Commentaries on the Gallic War, "it is easier to find men who will volunteer to die then those who are willing to endure pain with patience." I would take that a step further and say it is natural for many to want to commit themselves to a grand or noble cause, especially today, in a world so bereft of both, than to live day-to-day doing the tedious, long-term work to change the systems from within. 

While many see conflict on the horizon, how many are doing all they can during this time of peace to fix the issues we face? Many talk with bravado about the need for war, but how many have done anything to set up the depth of resources or strategic and legal frameworks that are the bare necessity for anyone who hopes to be successful in such an endeavor? Even more important, what has been done about setting up NGOs, political action groups, and funds to fix problems we face before resigning ourselves to the inevitability of violent conflict?

How many of us have civil wars within our own homes? How many of us have families divided that, if given our attention, might be a bigger step in fixing societal issues than anything else? How many of us could organize to take back our schools, our local legislatures, our state and federal governments, and even international movements? 

Remember, the civil war in Russia in 1917 ushered in 70 years of Communist tyranny. The initial civil war overthrew the established system in an attempt to establish a democracy, but the ensuing turmoil allowed the well-trained and well-organized Bolsheviks to usurp that ideal and create the nightmare that was the Soviet Union. 

The left, pathetic as many of them may seem, is just as well organized today. A good friend of mine recently attended a left-wing political conference for the purpose of seeing how they behaved in contrast with similar Republican gatherings. He found that what the left had in place was an incredibly well-oiled machine. From mass immigration to left-wing policy creation to the persecution of all who oppose them, the left funds, organizes and places their shock troops like diligent strategists intent on winning.

The rugged individuals on the right, meanwhile, like lions, may be stronger individually, but should not underestimate the coordinated attacks of a determined enemy. The long march through the institutions was no accident, and any chance at reclamation will have to be equally well organized, funded, strategic and tenacious.

While it may be cathartic to imagine a world in which one could throw off tyranny and reclaim the nation for good, the only way to achieve anything close is to pursue the mundane tasks that have given the left its current political advantage. 

If you want to change the world, remember how power is wielded today. It is no longer only who has more men with more guns. Power now lies with whoever can control the narrative, control legislation, out-lobby others, and place their preferred candidates in legislative positions at the local, state, federal and international levels. The future doesn't belong as much to whoever can stockpile the most guns as to whoever can shape the minds of future generations and create the laws that will wield the power of the state.

Battles today are not fought in the fields or streets, but in legislatures and boardrooms. They are fought at the boards of education, the libraries, and in the messaging that comes through the movies, shows, games, friend groups and community organizations your family attends.

If you really want to win, if you want to preserve your way of life, if you want to return your nation to greatness, you must get involved. Find, fund or found a local lobby. Determine what your ultimate values are, and support any who are running for office who share the same. Connect with like-minded people. Broaden your network. Create local communities and train like all hell is breaking loose. The more people with influence, wealth and skills you have in your network and that you can bring together, the greater your chance of survival will be.

Remember, it all starts at home. Start with your own children. Raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and teach them the cultural values and character of your forefathers. Inspire them with a vision of the future you wish to see and connect them with others who share the same. Work to understand how the world around us really functions and then work together to define a pathway to a better tomorrow.

It is very possible that war will come regardless of our best efforts. But let it not be because we have not done all that we could to be the solution we seek before it gets that far. And, above all, pray! 

Arthur is a former editor and consultant. Born in India to missionary parents, he spent his early career working in development for NGOs in Asia, Central America, and Africa. Arthur has an educational background in history and psychology, with certifications from the University of Oxford and Leiden in the economics, politics, and ethics of mass migration and comparative theories in terrorism and counterterrorism.

He is currently launching CivWest, a company focused on building capital to fund restorative projects and create resilient systems across the Western world.

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May 17

With the influx rate of immigrants, in 10 years our country will be unrecognizable and that’s their plan. Before any Civil War could happen, the elite plans a new type of takeover. The elite is preparing us how they want us to react. Watch Obama produced Netflix film ‘Leave the World Behind’. The technology they plan to use against us is already here.


Don't believe there's going to be another Civil War.

Demonic U.N. Uniparty Nazi Peacekeeper's are going to threaten BY Foreign Invasion for U.S. to STAND DOWN AND ACCEPT NEURO-DIGITAL CYBER SLAVERY.

THE CITY OF LONDON and CROWN CORPORATION creating the U.N. and hiding behind it's facade will COMMAND OBEDIENCE to stupid rules; Martial Law camouflaged 'Lockdowns' and other STUPIDITY to socialize population to their ABSOLUTE CONTROL WITHOUT QUESTION.

To disobey commands or to obey commands will both result in RE-EDUCATION CAMPS now known as 'Smart Cities' already established through 'SMART METERS, SMART APPLIANCES, SMART THERMOSTATS, SMART CARS/TRUCKS, and when people don't adhere to 'MARTIAL LAW' to remain in the 'SMART ENVIRONMENT'; they will be taken away to be murdered, indoctrinated/brainwashed…

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