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It's Coming Down to Catholics

Updated: May 17

And Hispanics – 2/3 of which are Catholic

With less than six months to go until America either comes to an end, or gets another chance, it appears increasingly likely that the Catholic vote may be the deciding factor – with Hispanics playing their largest role ever as a definitive subset.

There's good news here, as well as bad – or, at least potentially bad – for Patriots struggling to battle against the Communist onslaught.


While Catholics represent roughly 21-22% of the overall US population (a notable decrease from a constant 25% for decades), they always punch above their weight class – voting two to three percentage points more relative to their overall numbers. For this reason, with rare exception, whoever captures the Catholic vote wins the White House.

Over the past half-century, however, with the startling lack of proper religious education and formation, a majority of Catholics have slid into the realm of "social justice" Catholics, who console themselves with abandoning of the faith by adopting more liberal "fight for the poor and marginalized" causes – such as pro-illegal immigration, pro-climate change hoax, and pro-abortion. Those, of course, all fit neatly into the propaganda of the Democratic Party, which has become the Communist Party USA in all but name.

Across the country, roughly 40% of the Catholic vote is now Hispanic, which has, in the past, followed along with Democratic party policies. And, within the overall Hispanic population nationally, two-thirds are Catholic. [To illustrate the interconnectedness – in the state of Texas, a staggering three-fourths of the Catholic population is Hispanic.]

It might be slightly overstating it, but – whoever captures the Hispanic vote will capture the Catholic vote, and thereby secure the White House for that candidate. [A caveat: Trump's campaign doesn't need to actually win an outright majority of Hispanics – just enough to erode Biden and the Democrats' sizable majority – meaning reduce the Dem lead to 10% or less.]


The most recent polls are causing a lot of gastrointestinal pain for Democrats – and not JUST among Hispanic voters who are Catholic, but also within the WHITE Catholic demographic. The latest numbers from Pew Research show a sizable shift – near seismic, in fact – among White Catholic voters away from Biden and to Trump. If there was ever a bad omen, a glaring bellwether predictor – this would be it.

Among White (non-Hispanic) Catholics, Trump is steamrolling Biden 61-38%.

But even more troubling for the Communist camp – Trump has drawn to near even among Hispanic Catholics – trailing Biden by only two points (47-49%).

If those numbers were to hold – or even close to hold – Biden would be obliterated on Election Day – so much so that the "margin of steal" wouldn't be sufficient to secure him a second term. [Cheating by many tens of thousands of ballots here or there, even a hundred thousand or so, is one thing. Cheating with millions of ballots would be a herculean feat, even for the Communists.]

What's more – all Catholic votes are not created equal. Some of the battleground states have larger percentages of Catholic voters compared to the overall Catholic population of 21%. For example, all-important Pennsylvania's population is more than 28% Catholic. And, if these current numbers held – there would be no way Biden could keep the Keystone state in his column.


Of course, Team Biden is well aware of these numbers, and is launching a massive drive among Hispanics (Catholic [2/3], as well as non-Catholic [1/3]) to get them back. There are a couple of prongs to their strategy – well-financed, wall-to-wall outreach aimed at new Hispanic voters; and, a hope that GOP leaders continue to be forgetful when it comes to making a sufficient push for their votes. And, while hope is not a strategy – so far, their hope is being realized.

In that same Pew Poll – it showed the overall Hispanic vote (Catholics and non-Catholics) creeping back in Biden's favor, 52-44% – an improvement over polls from a month back that showed him with the worst numbers among Hispanics overall since Jimmy Carter days.

Couple that with the GOP slothful attitude toward chasing and locking down this crucial voting bloc and Biden could get that national lead back up over the 10% margin, which nearly assures a victory in November.

A RELIGIOUS DISCREPANCY (Catholic | Non-Catholic Hispanics)

The discerning eye will note that while the Catholic Hispanic vote has essentially drawn to a tie, the overall Hispanic vote has shifted slightly toward Biden. Since Catholics comprise 2/3 of the Hispanic population (and they have moved significantly toward Trump, at least for now), this can only mean that non-Catholic Hispanics have moved in even greater numbers toward Biden.

This necessitates an even deeper analysis by Team Trump as to why this might be happening. The answer could be found in the Pew numbers regarding non-religious voters overall. It's no secret that the Democrats are overwhelmingly supported by non-religious and flat-out atheists. A first glance would suggest that it is within this sub-group with the Hispanic voting bloc that Biden is quietly scoring his gains – pro-abortion, pro-climate change and so forth.

Given their political embracing of those policies, it is highly unlikely Trump could do much to move the needle with them – and that means Team Trump needs to get more of their Hispanic constituents to the polls, remembering that the goal is not to necessarily get a majority (as good as that would be), but to keep the margin for Biden down in single digits.

Team Trump needs to take dead aim at Hispanic Catholics and get them out in record numbers. It's no secret the Catholic vote is likely the most crucial, and with white Catholics storming toward Trump, the marginal difference between victory and losing is going to be getting Catholic Hispanics to the polls in sufficient numbers to prevent a steal.

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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07 maj

Last month was sad to hear a priest say in a homily, in Chicago, that Catholic Hispanics were leaving the Catholic Church in droves and no one knows how to stop it!


Calling the Democrats votes communist is not an overstatement hearing from some of them, the ones who speak most loudly, as they praise Marx and likely believe Freud and Darwin and have disdain for God and His commandments. Is it an overstatement to call the Communists votes nihilist? And from those who call themselves nihilists, who replaces them, that is, what do they replace nihilism with on the path of those who proclaim themselves progressives? Just wondering what we have to look forward to with them. And whose idea was it to begin putting the personal pronouns for Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father in lower case letters? Speaking of personal pronouns, has there been any at…

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