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It's Not The Candidates — It's The Vision

Updated: May 17

Could Middle Class Families be Biting Back Against Biden?

The weakness of Joe Biden is being scrutinized heavily by the political class as the official "tea leaf readers" rip apart every poll and survey and study — and, alarming for team Biden: nothing looks especially bright and cheery for the child-killing, America Last incumbent.

It should be noted before going further that with roughly half a year to go, everything can change depending on future events and still current events yet unfolding (i.e. — Trump's trials, Hamas protests, global unease, etc.) It is not unusual looking at past races to see those which are close get closer as Election Day approaches — and even flip near the end (think: 2016).

That said — these are two candidates who have EACH been President and they are extremely well-known already by voters — many of whom have already made up their minds.


For Trump that's good news, or at least not bad. The Communist Party USA (formerly thought of as Democrats) have thrown everything they possibly can at him (short of a bullet) and he is still standing.

The current Stormy Daniels "hush money" trial is proving to be a judicial joke; the classified documents case has been suspended by the judge following filings by DOJ prosecutors that they tampered with evidence; the "insurrection" case brought by the same DOJ prosecutor, Jack Smith, is on hold while the US Supreme Court considers just how much immunity a president has; and the Georgia election interference case is also on hold as the Georgia Court of Appeals has decided to hear arguments from Trump's lawyers that corrupt Fulton County DA Fani Willis needs to be kicked off the case.

As we said — none of the lawfare against Trump is going the way the Commies had hoped.

As for team Biden that initiated the lawfare assault — the entire picture is far less rosy for them than they had hoped it would be at this point.

While it's still close in the battleground states — and still early, as well — Biden has not been able to lock any of them down or see any measurable improvement against Trump. The race is pretty darn stagnant at this point.


One significant area worth noting is the slow erosion of support for Biden among 30-49 year olds — in short, the "young family crowd." Latest data from Pew indicates these citizens are most likely to be focused on starting or growing younger families and are the ones being heavily impacted by soaring costs for monthly mortgages and childcare.

For the newest entries into the middle-class family sector, the American Dream is slipping away, as is their support for the man and administration they are holding accountable — Biden.

The entire American Experience has been a tough nut for Communism to crack, largely owing to the middle-class. Unlike in previous countries where Communism became ascendant where the discrepancy between rich and poor was much greater — America's economic might produced a robust middle-class which served as bulwark against usual communist tactics of promoting class warfare.

But the weakening of the economy is having the impact desired by the communist democrats — it's causing the middle-class to shrink — which has been the goal for decades of the old Democratic guard — members like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the like.


Wrapped up also in the assault against the middle-class has been the overt and covert attacks against religion — particularly Christianity, and especially Catholicism (as evidenced by the FBI dossiers targeting politically and theologically conservative Catholics.)

These people tend to be very antagonistic toward Biden (despite him being "catholic"), and normally that translates into some measure of support for Trump — if even grudgingly.

Likewise — in the coveted battleground states — there is a larger share of Catholic voters in some of them compared to the overall Catholic population throughout the country. In a race as close as this — a little nudge here or there, from middle-class younger families, or more conservative religious-minded voters (many of whom actually don't vote) in favor of Trump, or at least against Biden, could spell the difference come November.


This is a battle not so much between two candidates — although that is, of course, the official reality — but in wildly divergent views of America; its future, its meaning; its purpose; its vision. One side envisions a completely different understanding from the other.

The Left (Progressives, Democrats, Communists, etc.) envisions a nation essentially devoid of a middle-class with all the attendant middle-class "values" of religion and the American Dream being jettisoned along with them.

The other side — however imperfectly — wants a future with ties to the past; the "values" that enabled material prosperity; and, at least the idea of God and the surface cover of respect for religion.

While the embrace of organized religion has been on a steady decline — even among not a few Trump supporters — none of them believe it should be attacked and banned and forced back into people's homes.

The Communist Democrats a number of years back introduced a slight change to the political lexicon — something they are very, very good at — and started referring to "freedom of worship" as opposed to "freedom of religion". While they sound similar, they are poles apart.

These are the competing visions of America that are in a death struggle right now and they cannot co-exist. One must win over the other.

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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I pray to God his Will includes the further degeneration of this country and of the world. Come Lord to our aid, we need your intervention by illuminating our conscience as part of your grace and mercy for mankind and your greater Glory.


That Guy
That Guy
May 08

Sorry but all this should have been done before the primaries. At this point it smacks of election interreference.

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