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Dear Soulsandliberty,

This is the "International News Section" is it not?

>Do you know that we are on the Brink of a Middle East War between Iran and Israel ?

>Do you know that Israel has Murdered over 37,000 Palestinians and counting, many being Christians, using American taxpayer Money, and mostly Women and Children are being Killed by Israel?

>Do you know that the War in Ukraine is funded and Militarily supplied by American Taxpayer Money and Weapons,withOUT any accountability and BOTH Republicans and Democrats support this?

All the above Directly affecting Americans and which is why Americans are now Hated World Wide.

But you write about Nuns worshiping a phallus...... Are you KIDDING !?!?!?!


Which is evidence:

1) Francis is wrong that God willed many religions.

2) Those obedient to Francis cannot count on that as an excuse.

3) Religion and marriage are not guarantees of personal holiness or chastity.

4) The vow of chastity is one that the nuns have not taken seriously.

5) "Interfaith" worship can be devoid of real value apart from orthodox Catholics.

6) Sacrilegious acts may be part of worship practices of non Catholic religions.

7) Those who are not authentic Christians are more likely to go insane or remain stupid.


The Church is losing its way.......

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