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Political Roundup: April 25, 2024

Updated: May 17


Quinnipiac Poll: Trump Advances Into a National Tie Quinnipiac University conducts monthly national political polls, and their most recent survey, conducted April 18-22, finds former President Trump tied with President Biden at 46% in the head-to-head delineation.

Trump and Biden were tied 37-37% when Independent Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (16%), Green Party nominee Jill Stein (3%), and Independent Cornel West (3%) were added.

This poll reveals significant movement in Trump’s favor. Four previous polls, beginning in December, yielded leads for President Biden of one, six, four, and three percentage points.


CO-8: Rep. Caraveo (D) Drops Behind in New GE Poll An early April OnMessage survey in Colorado’s 8th congressional district projects state Representative Gabe Evans (R-Westminster) to have secured a 43-38% ballot test advantage over freshman Representative Yadira Caraveo (D-Thornton) — this, despite Caraveo's more than five-to-one fundraising lead.

The 8th district, created in 2020 through national reapportionment, was carried by Biden, 50.08-46.3%. But currently, the district has mixed projections.

The FiveThirtyEight data organization rates the district as a Republican lean (R+3), while Dave’s Redistricting App statisticians calculate that voters are leaning toward the Democrats (48.3D–47.0R).

The Caraveo-Evans race will be rated as a toss-up campaign through to the November


NJ-10: Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. Passes Away

New Jersey U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. (D-Newark), who suffered a heart attack earlier this month, passed away on April 24. His death means there are now six vacant congressional seats, thus reducing the total membership number to 429.

Since candidate filing is closed for the regular cycle and Rep. Payne is the only candidate on the ballot for the 10th District Democratic primary, he will posthumously win the nomination contest. According to a story in the New Jersey Globe, once all candidates are certified for the general election by the June 17 deadline, the Secretary of State will declare the seat vacant. At that point, Democratic committee members would meet in convention to choose a replacement nominee.

Governor Phil Murphy (D) has leeway regarding calling a special election for purposes of filling the seat for the remainder of the term. He can schedule a special primary and general within the time limits proscribed by New Jersey election law, or make the special general concurrent with the regular election. The 10th District is heavily Democratic, so the party’s new nomination process will decide who succeeds the late Congressman Payne.

NY-1: Ex-Rep. Santos Drops New Bid Earlier this week, expelled U.S. Rep. George Santos (R) announced that he is dropping his Independent bid for New York's 1st congressional district, thereby ending his attempt to deny Rep. Nick LaLota (R-Suffolk County) re-election.

In a statement Tuesday, Mr. Santos said, "I don't want to split the ticket and be responsible for handing the House to the Dems. Staying in this race all but guarantees a victory for the Dems."

Mr. Santos may have overestimated his ability to draw votes as an Independent or minor party candidate.

Rep. LaLota said on X that he believes Santos ending his candidacy means he is negotiating a plea bargain to the 23 federal charges he's facing for alleged fraud and misuse of campaign funds.

Closing his statement, Santos said, "It's only goodbye for now, I'll be back."

Rep. LaLota, in a district that the new redistricting plan made slightly more Republican, is favored for re-election.

Jim Ellis is a 35-year veteran of politics at the state and national levels. He has served ss executive director for two national political action committees, as well as a consultant to the three national Republican Party organizations in DC, the National Federation of Independent Business, and various national conservative groups.

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, he earned a B. A. in Political Science from the University of California at Davis in 1979. Jim raised his daughter, Jacqueline, alone after his wife died following a tragic car accident. He helped establish the Joan Ellis Victims Assistance Network in Rochester, NH. Jim also is a member of the Northern Virginia Football Officials Association, which officiates high school games throughout the region.

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Republicans = Democrats = The UniParty

( polls are notorious for being manipulated and it's way too early anyway )

This obvious fact was clearly manifested lately by both the Republican controlled House and the Democrat controlled Senate voting To send $95 Billion Dollars to Foreign Countries, one of which is very wealthy, without One Penny going to America or Americans !

And Trump backed Republican Speaker Mike Johnson on this plan...

What ever happened to "America First" ??

MAGA, Hope and Change, America First ,... all are just slogans for weak minded people to grasp so they will have some hope of change, but nothing will change with Republicans or Democrats in Power, including Trump.


CORPORATE SURVEY'S ALL OWNED BY THE DEMONIC U.N. NAZI UNIPARTY. Don't believe a word of what's being wrote by these Electronic Borg Slaves.

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