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Putin Lauds Trump Peace Pledge

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LOL. Really? Your highlighting that a murderous dictator thinks that Trump is a serious peace negotiator? Sorry folks, but Putin knows how to play Trump like a fiddle and can't wait until he is president again so he can get exactly what he wants in Ukraine.


Yes..... Trump also promised to:

  • Bring our Troops Home - LIE

  • Build a Wall and make Mexico pay for it - LIE

  • Drain the Swamp - LIE

  • Appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hillary's Crimes- LIE

  • Release All of the Kennedy Assassination Documents - LIE

  • Reduce the size of Government - LIE

  • Reduce Government Debt - LIE

  • Stop Anchor Baby procedures - LIE

  • Stop Chain Migration - LIE

  • Send DACA back day one - LIE

  • Stop Remittances to Mexico - LIE

  • Only appoint qualified people to His Administration - LIE

AND much more....

ALL Documented and Proven LIES by President Donald J. Trump

Of course Putin is not stupid and knows that Trump is a LIAR and will require tangible…

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