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Shock & Awe

Hope Renewed with Dems in Disarray

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For the first time in living memory of nearly everyone, decades and decades of Communist plotting to vanquish America could be undone in a matter of months — presuming Donald Trump takes the oath of office on January 20, 2025.

The Communist-Democrats have been on their "long march through the institutions" since at least the middle of the last century, and it's been so insidious and gradual, that most Americans haven't noticed, at least not sufficiently.

That's why the promise of a Trump 2.0 administration has them terrified and in total disarray. Many of them are now looking at the prospect of their entire life's work beginning to be demolished in a matter of a year or so.

Formal plans to dismantle the Deep State are well beyond the blueprint stage, and coming more into focus. A MAGA Purge — known as Project 2025 — is in the offing; Deep State operators know how to read and they are freaking out, looking at an impending death sentence politically, and perhaps otherwise.

To them — as well as much of the public — if Trump wins, what is likely to follow immediately may seem like a "shock & awe" campaign, since the country has been lulled to sleep for so long; as little, tiny encroachments (at first) were made on individual freedoms. Those encroachments have increased to massive grabs of liberty at this point (just ask any of the 70 million murdered/aborted children for starters, if you could).

Rolling back 60-plus years of evil policies in a very truncated amount of time will look almost "radical," but only to those who have not been paying attention. It will have the appearance of shock and awe only in terms of the speed of its implementation.

The Communists unrolled their plan for close to a century. They may see it evaporate at a much, much faster clip.

The country did not wake up one morning in the 1960s and suddenly fall to pieces. It began (visibly) to do so then, bit by bit, but the action of the Communists was only just beginning. They had to seize control of a political party at some point after slowly worming into the media. Once the Democrats embraced abortion as a stepladder to power — they self-selected to be that party.

It was the issue of child-sacrifice (which abortion is for Communists; sacrificing the lives of children for power in a diabolical exchange) which became the driving issue in American politics and remains so to this day despite Dobbs' overturning of Roe.

But in their bloodlust for power, those who had pieced together the killing machine exchanged their souls for earthly power, and as they each now approach the grave — they will not relinquish their death grip.

Joe Biden for example — a "Catholic," along with many other "Catholics" — has lusted for the power of the US Presidency for so long, only death will separate him from it — or losing in November.

The Democrats lied, cheated, begged, borrowed and stole their way to this position – where they are now left with no alternative. The entire Cadaver Collection of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, et al, will not ever willingly give up power for which they traded their souls.

There was nothing they did not do; no evil, no trickery, no chicanery, no deceit to which they refused to resort in order to destabilize Trump during his (first) term or to get Biden "elected" in 2020.

So now, after making POWER their god, the Communist-Democrats are forced to bow down before the golden idol of a dementia-riddled child-killer and worship him, bringing on panic as their lies and deceptions finally come back on them.

They can't end his life because that would just advance Kamala Harris to the seat of power — a scenario for them perhaps even more terrorizing than their current dilemma.

Harris — another power-hungry, child-killer would refuse to step aside once nestling into the Oval Office if Biden were to meet some "unfortunate circumstance." Biden-Harris truly is, Biden-Harris. Democrat leaders can't get rid of them both.

And, even IF Biden stepped down — which would only happen if both he and Jill went out of the White House in long rectangular boxes — Harris IS the sitting Vice-President. There is no way in Hades she would step aside to make room for the more telegenic, straight, white, male governor of California.

There is the dynamic at play here of human psychology. When a person kills innocent people for power; when a person grinds others into the dust for power; when a person views themselves as chosen or deserving of such earthly power — his (or her) soul changes and distorts.

It takes on the hue and shading of the diabolical. Power and worship — these are all such a person desires. They will not hand it over freely after spending a lifetime preparing for their damnation. The evil at work here is so profound, so frightening, that it is hard for those not inclined to such a lust for power to comprehend.

It is, in fact, the inability of everyday people to perceive the depth of the evil in such politicians that has enabled the "leaders" to scale such heights. Everyday people won't kill and murder and destroy for the sake of power, so they are largely incapable of comprehending that some other people do.

But the Lord of the Universe has placed limits on those who would scale the heavens to try and unseat Him.

Ask Lucifer; ask any tyrant whose body is now moldering in its grave as his soul burns in unquenchable, everlasting torment. We cannot desire this outcome, but we can recognize it as the result of those who die in such a state.

Pitiful, miserable creatures who once held the power of the world in their bloodied hands. What they would not trade now for even a small cup of water.

A Trump presidency would begin to undo the nightmare of evil which has gripped the nation — an evil so insidious that its full extent has not yet come to be realized. For a large number of reasons — some their fault, others not — Americans have been "tricked," much like the serpent tricked Eve into thinking they will "be like God" with knowledge of (power over) right and wrong.

The Communist-Democrats have appealed to the base instincts of Man (Americans) and played to those instincts, slowly ensnaring many — creating emotional carnage and devastated lives along the way. And now the evil is becoming fully visible in the culture, bubbling up to the surface. The pot is nearly on full boil.

In reality, the argument could be successfully made that given the current evil so many Americans embrace that we are getting all that we deserve. Yet there is a desire on the part of some — much like Abraham had with Sodom and Gomorrah, that prayers be offered to God to save the nation for the sake of the few.

It is questionable whether Trump himself understands this dynamic — but it is certain that many around him serving as architects of a future administration do.

The Communist-Democrats want America (as we now understand the notion) to burn. It has been their goal from the beginning and there is nothing that has not been thrown on to that fire by them — nothing.

Yet, at this very moment which appears as though their final victory will be achieved, a hope is emerging that they have already reached their zenith. Affairs and recent events have not gone well for them.

They have, in fact, been rocked by a spate of recent Supreme Court rulings, political polls which have Biden "stuck" in second place – albeit still close – as well as a prevailing mood among voters that their man is mentally unfit to be re-elected, especially following the debate.

It still might be too early to say, but it seems — seems — the worm may at last have turned, and when it emerges — it will be both shocking and awesome.

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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If someone is Hopeful for a Trump Presidency, the that person is a sad example of an American. Not that Biden is any better, just that both of these morons are Israel First, compromised, spineless charlatans.

Trump just announced he will put the Anti-A

merican Bimbo Nutjob, Nikki Haley, Trumps words, into his Administration. It doesn't get much worse than that.

Trump PROMISED to DRAIN the SWAMP and ended up filling it in !

We are Still suffering under some of Trumps Swamp Creatures, like FBI Director Christopher Wray.

To think Trump will appoint anything other than deep state scumbags is delusional at best.

MAGA Purge will be MAGA more of the same.

Republican/MAGA = Democrat = The UniParty


Great report, but...Biden has not yet secured the nomination. There is still ample opportunity for the democrats to nominate "Big Mike" Obama, Gavin Newsome or the like. That would eliminate the possibility of Kamala Harris causing problems. And ultimately, even if Trump wins, it's going to take a big change in men's hearts to put this nation back on track.


That Guy
That Guy
Jul 02

It's either Biden/Harris or Harris/"X". Just depends if the DNC goes nuclear and triggers the 25th.


Yet another astute report, Michael.

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