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The Christian Case For Trump – And Against Biden

God, Religion and Faith Matter

Much ink has been spilled by Marxist media for their Communist-Democrat fellow travelers about Trump's real, imagined or exaggerated moral failings.

Somewhere in every story or discussion the point is made, from a very high horse of course, that people who call themselves "Christians" are hypocrites for voting for such a sinful, immoral man; coming from those in favor of killing tens of millions of children, that's rich.

Skipping the obvious tit for tat – a much larger point needs to be made, and mashed into the brains of the Marxist media. Trump is not running for Pope; he's running for President of the United States of America.

It's also curious that the same type of analysis was not only deflected from, but covered up for, when it came to Bill Clinton – before, during and after the Monica Lewinsky saga.

The Marxist Moralists can never stop cheering Slick Willie – even now he remains pretty popular among Democrats – a popularity his wife was never quite able to cash in on.

At the heart of all this is the opposing worldviews of God and Religion. It's not just "spiritual" – a relatively meaningless appellation because, after all, even the Devil is "spiritual." No, it's about God and, specifically, Christ and His teachings – that is the powerful undercurrent here in 2024.

The idea of America is bound up in religion, in general, and Christianity specifically. That's because the Natural Law helps form the basis for the underpinnings of America. And, while much of Natural Law is either unknown or rejected in today's society, it is still present there; in writing and, therefore, law, in the founding documents.

The issue at hand is singular – from where (or from Whom) do the rights of man proceed, God or the State? The Communist-Democrats openly reject the Natural Law truth that God is the origin of the rights of man. Republicans – at least on paper and in lip service – point the opposite direction.

The war being waged is over the philosophical issue of – who is man, what is his purpose and what is his ultimate end?

In Christianity – the answers to those questions focus on and dictate every law and policy and action: Man is the highest order of material creation, endowed with spiritual powers of Intellect and Will, created in the Image and Likeness of God, whose purpose is to use his spiritual powers to worship God his Creator, and strive for Order in the universe on the way to his ultimate end – complete union with his Creator.

For Communists, it would be impossible to imagine a more repugnant answer. Since there is no God for them, beyond the State, man has no ultimate end or purpose, other than what the State cedes to him. His total existence is simply viewed as a succession of "privileges," not rights granted and, therefore, taken back by the State.

Like it or not, perfect or not (and it certainly is not) – the American political system is a two-party reality, and that's' what voters are faced with if they go to vote. True, they can vote a 3rd party that has no chance of winning; or, write-in a candidate that, likewise, has no chance of winning; but, in the end, whoever gets the most (electoral college) votes wins, because the system is designed that way. Period.

So, for those who choose to participate in the system the way it is designed – they are faced with a single choice – one major party candidate or the other. Viewed through this lens, and in these current times, each candidate's worldview is really all that matters – because each candidate's worldview will be the center of the orbit around which all his policies, appointments, proposed legislation, nominations and so forth, revolve.

Even if Trump's understanding of Christianity is flawed or askew – voters must ask themselves if they want a man in the White House at least willing to admit the bedrock of America is rooted in Christianity; or, another, who completely rejects that notion (despite his pretense of being a devout Catholic, which he isn't.)

Every human being sins, has moral failings, moral blind spots, lack of true self-understanding. No amount of self-reflection, high intellect or whatever, can reverse this. Even saints made mistakes and sinned. (It's why the Divine Intellect established the Sacrament of Confession).

For the Communist-Democrats propaganda machine (the media) to feign being aghast that "Christians could support such an immoral man as Trump" simply proves the point that when it comes to a question of religion, theology or philosophy, not to mention metaphysics, the Marxist Media shouldn't speak, and certainly should never be listened to.

Taking the analysis a bit further – given the current climate of a clash between Good and Evil – if an individual voter accepts that premise, and he is a believing Christian, especially Catholic – a very persuasive argument could be made that he has a moral duty to vote for Trump (given the only viable choice is between Biden and him.)

One of these men is the face for a party which celebrates atheism (practically, if not absolutely) and supports a downgrade in the dignity of Man – from being made in the image and likeness of God.

Additionally – this same party (Communist-Democrats) seeks to unmoor America from its founding reliance on Divine Providence and create an entirely new understanding and idea of "America." They should be honest and come straight out with that – not continue to pretend that what they support is "American." It is not. It is anti-God, anti-human and anti-American.

On the other side is a party, and the man who is the face of that party, unwilling to cede the question of man, his origin and destiny in God, his Creator. Yes, there appear to be certain problems in his theology along the way, but the beginning and end points are correct.

Trump understands that there is some connection between God and the idea of America – and, more importantly, so, too, does his MAGA Nation. He gets and professes that the notion of the Divine (and multiple other notions that flow from that) are part of the very fabric of the idea of America.

The difference between him and Biden is that Trump says this and means it - while Biden says it and does not mean it. Biden's entire party rejects the correct anthropology of man, openly. But for political reasons, their front man cannot be quite so open about that. He still has to say things like "God bless America" - when he doesn't really believe in God, or America.

The vote this November is between Biden and Trump. But, it is much, much larger. In a very real sense, Biden and Trump are little else than the two individuals who stand on History's Stage, as proxies for the clash of worldviews – only one of which will prevail.

Trump's continual and resurrected presence in the showdown is obviously giving the Communists terrible fits of concerns. The entire apparatus of evil is aligned against him, imperfect and as immoral, perhaps, as he is.

The old adage of "show me a man's friends, I'll tell you about the man" can easily be spun the other way. "Show me a man's enemies, and I'll tell you about the man."

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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First of all, Michael Voris states "the American political system is a two-party reality" then contradicts himself in the very next sentence.

Michael Voris is wrong. America is NOT a "two Party system", as Michael Voris is forced to concede when he says " they can vote a 3rd party that has no chance of winning; or, write-in a candidate".

Again, Michael Voris says "to participate in the system the way it is designed"... "they are faced with a single choice – one major party candidate or the other."

Again, Michael Voris is wrong. The system was designed to allow us to vote For who we want, hence the write in option and third Party option. The System was NOT designed…

Me gusta

Evodio Tovar
Evodio Tovar
5 days ago

The media’s bias is glaring when comparing their treatment of Trump and Clinton. While Trump’s moral failings are endlessly scrutinized, Clinton’s indiscretions were often downplayed or ignored. This double standard reveals a deeper issue: the media’s disdain for Trump’s acknowledgment of America’s Christian roots. Unlike Biden, who merely pays lip service to these values, Trump genuinely believes in them (as far as I can tell). The upcoming election isn’t just about two candidates; it’s a clash of worldviews. The media’s relentless attacks on Trump only highlight their own ideological agenda.

Me gusta

As with republicanMAGA/democrat debate, always remember: it’s not what they disagree on that matters but what they agree on...

Trump supports the Intrinsic Evils of:


Same Sex Marriage



Biden supports the Intrinsic Evils of:


Same Sex Marriage



Catholics can not be in Communion with the Church if they support:


Same Sex Marriage



And somehow we are supposed to support Trump over Biden? Because?

Because of your bank account? Or because of your "feelings"?

Me gusta

How is voting For:


Same Sex Marriage



NOT 'voting against your faith' as you put it?

Both Trump and Biden not only support these intrinsic evils, they CELEBRATE THEM.

Bill, you need to Wake Up !

Me gusta

Voting for Trump or Biden, who are BOTH Pro Sodomy, Pro Same Sex Marriage, Pro LGBTQ+ and now a Pro Abortion is NOT voting your Faith when you have other options, MANY other options.

There are Third Parties who you can vote for who adhere to our Faith.

To say " the lesser of two evils" when there are other options is just a lie.

To say " not voting is a vote for the other" is another like, we are NOT responsible for other's votes.

To say "there is no other choice" is another lie.

Being too lazy to research all the other Political Parties who are Faithful to God's laws is not excuse to vote for one of…

Me gusta
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