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The Communist Coup – Assisted by Religious Leaders

Updated: 5 days ago

"The most secure election in history"

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It doesn't matter from which angle you approach it – the 2020 election interference by the Communists-Democrats was illegal, unethical, irregular, immoral and, above all else, sinful.

It was sinful in its intention, as well as its execution. The number of commandments broken by the Communists to lock down power – power they use to advance evil – is beyond impressive.

Lies, deceit, murder, theft, false witness – you name it, and they broke it.

For example, whether Covid was part of a master plan, or merely an opportunity the Communist-Democrats took advantage of to advance their coup – what happened in the months leading up to November 2020, and the days following, was absolutely a power grab – first to last – and they aren't finished yet.

It was right about this time four years ago that Communist-Democrats figured out and launched a plan to subvert the will of American voters and steal an election.

That they hated Trump – HATE – was, and is, obvious from the moment he appeared at his Trump Tower escalator to announce his candidacy. The more cunning among them, Barack Obama, for example, sensed the danger almost immediately.

It's why he set a plan in place to begin spying on Trump's campaign not long after it got started. Trump was a wild card in Obama's estimation, unlikely to win, yes – but also unpredictable.

Concerned during the primaries, and certainly following the GOP Convention (Trump was catching fire on the campaign trail), he developed a scheme to destabilize the Trump Campaign and give his "anointed" Hillary the baton for the final dismantling of America.

He had already secretly stacked leadership positions in the Intelligence community with fellow travelers who were standing at the ready to assist Hillary in finishing what he had started eight years earlier.

During the 2016 debates, Hillary continually referenced the Intelligence agencies' phony reports that Trump was a Russian asset, that Russia was working behind the scenes to steal the election. None of it was true.

The infamous "Russian dossier," paid for by the Hillary campaign, was leaked to the press; which the press eagerly gobbled up, and about which published thousands and thousands of articles. Not one word of the millions printed was true; not one.

Yet the Communist-Democrat machine took the articles to the secret FISA courts and got warrants to spy on Trump – pretty nifty plan. It was collusion before, during and after Trump's presidency, aimed at election interference with the ultimate goal

being to end America.

First (2015-16) to prevent him from being elected; when that failed, the plan switched to undermining him for four years (2016-2020) while, at the same time, they were formulating their plan to interfere with the vote sufficiently to ensure Biden would win (2020-2024).

When Trump won, and the shock wore off, the Communists at Democratic National Headquarters huddled up with their media allies, government operatives, and international financiers and worked tirelessly to undermine Trump's first term.

They had underestimated him, and the national mood. They would not let it happen again.

Their Marxist media allies slammed into overdrive to convince the public that Trump had engaged in multiple impeachable offenses (even impeaching him AFTER he had "lost" his re-election bid.)

Then came Covid – a "gift from God for the Left" as described by American traitor Jane Fonda in a You Tube posting. She was right, or right enough. The Communist-Democrats seized the moment, using the Fauci-created catastrophe as a pretense to change voting laws and ballot handling protocols.

Where they had failed in preventing him from winning in 2016, they succeeded in preventing him from being declared the winner in 2020. So, the score now stands at Patriots 1 – Communists 1, in a best out of 3 competition. This one is for all the marbles; the mother of all "winner takes all" slugfests.

But, the fight is not fair – far from it. As noted earlier, this kind of treachery is sinful – it is an offense against the cardinal virtue of Justice and the Theological virtue of Charity.

These types of actions destroy peoples' trust – in the courts, national leadership, media and so forth.

But, one institution, in particular, has managed to stay below the radar by pretending to stay above the fray – Religion. And, in particular, the Catholic Church in the United States, led by a large group of men who, 50 years ago in their youth and naivete, bought into the absurd notion of "sinful social structures."

Society does not sin – individuals in society sin – and if enough sin in the "same direction," the rest of society (meaning the innocent) feel the impact of it. Norms are flipped on their heads, and the consequences send shock waves through the country.

To be clear – an election was stolen by atheist-Communists and their allies; unsurprisingly, they immediately put in place policies to advance their evil and to squash all opposition. (That's all the Trump prosecutions were and are about.)

So, one wonders – from a group of leaders supposedly committed to the truth of Christ and His teachings – why the silence? Why not condemn the sinister plan of election theft that was executed so cleverly? Executed by a party that hates God, hates the innocent, hates humanity and will string every one of them up in their robes when the time comes?

Laying aside that the US Bishops pocket about a BILLION dollars a year from the Communist-Democrats for "immigration"; laying aside that they rushed to close their parishes and churches at the speed of light during Covid and were among the last buildings to re-open; laying aside that their silence about Communists (and, in some cases, support of) whose policies result in the murder of millions, the perversions of millions more and the conversion of a just society into an immoral one – but, none of that can be "laid aside," now can it really?

Anti-God, anti-human, anti-American, Communist-Democrats can only succeed when their opposition is practically comatose – because no one in their right mind would accept their evil; their scheming, their plots, their violence.

Often leading the charge in all of this are their own sheep – the deceased Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durban and, of course, Joe Biden. Not one of them, nor their murderous plans, have been publicly denounced. Total silence.

If the spring, and now summer, poll findings hold true – and Trump returns to the White House – it will be because a sufficient number of Catholic voters will have come to their senses. Right now – Trump enjoys a double-digit lead in poll after poll done of Catholics.

A new Trump administration will not have come about with any help from the self-professed "leaders" of Catholicism in the US; who continue to allow the innocent, tens of millions of them, many their very own sheep, to be swept away and ground under the wheels of the machinery of the Culture of Death.

If Catholics vote correctly – and thus ignore their religious leaders – America will still have one last chance. If they listen to their leaders, or follow their silent lead, the country is done.

Can a bishop be charged with treason? Asking for a friend ...

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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