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The Communist Coup Must Be Crushed Completely

Christians and Patriots must realize this is a proxy war between Heaven and Hell

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Satan is the origin of Communism because he knows and understands human nature well enough to "trick" us. (See Eve in the Garden of Eden, for reference.)

Since the goal of Satan (as he admitted in the third temptation of Our Blessed Lord in the desert) is ultimately to deny God the worship He is due (the First Commandment), it makes total sense that he should attack Life, since God is not only Life Himself, but also the Author of all other life. 

It is Satan's nature to destroy all that is good — all that emanates from the Holy Trinity. 
And he knows (he still possesses angelic intelligence, after all, far surpassing the greatest of all human intellect) that this must be done in stages. 

So, to attack life, he had to first attack man's understanding of life. If he could convince humans, through other humans (his offspring), that at least SOME life (existence) should be decided by them, he would begin to wrest from God some of God's authority (forgetting, of course, that God's omnipotence merely permits this; no one takes authority from God — they merely abuse it.)

Life, he understood, begins in the womb and, most ideally, in the family; so it is there he launched his most ferocious attack.

When the idea that eugenics (the notion that some races — meaning their lives — were "undesirable") was introduced into the culture by John Rockefeller; then advanced by Margaret Sanger and, in England, Marie Stopes (who reported that an "angel" prodded her in her works), Satan had the crack in the doorway he needed. 

Contraception as a notion took hold. And do not overlook what "Contra-Ception" means — against Life. 

When the Anglicans approved it at their 1930 Lambeth Conference after three previous successive failures (contraception was intensely condemned even by ALL the Protestant reformers — especially Luther), it was the first time in nearly 2,000 years of Christianity. Even the Apostles condemned it in The Didache. 

This is a long-term battle plan from Hell; requiring stages to unfold. The end game is to seize total power and turn it on the faithful. But, gaining sufficient power does not come overnight.

In the diabolical mind, the population would have to be prepared to see the evil of atheistic Communism as a good; a kind of "salvation" that would require a softening up, a preparation of the intellect of man. And his way into the intellect was by warping the emotions.

He softened up the populace by severely weakening the family through contraception, advancing the role of the state (see Piven and Cloward's detailed plan to replace the family with the state), and creating successive generations of people who would suffer emotional trauma (broken homes).

Once the population had been sufficiently weakened, anti-truth could be injected into their minds through the media, and a political revolution could occur with his offspring being the leaders (disguised as sons of light — lobbying for "rights" to challenge the kingship of Almighty of God.) 

The Bolsheviks overthrew Russia through physical violence. In the West, it had to be through intellectual violence (running through the institutions as Antonio Gramsci, the founder of the Italian Communist Party in the 1920s, had insisted.) 

Once affairs had advanced enough, and enough people's minds had been twisted ("tricked"), then politicians could actually run on a platform of perversion and gain sufficient votes to further lock down power. 


Satan knows that man's nature is fallen — easy prey to him even when not fallen (again, see the Garden of Eden), and if he could seize hold of this most basic foundation of "life" — what it means and who should "control" it — he would have changed the tide. 

Contraception has led to widescale sexual immorality, pornography, adultery, rape, cohabitation, divorce and multiple re-"marriages" — each of which results in a shattering of childhood for tens of millions of children who grew up hurt, confused, and oftentimes fatherless (in one way or another.) 

Those children of the 1960s and moving forward (who now embrace everything they can think of to medicate the pain of childhood trauma) are now an enormous number of today's electorate — taking all their emotional trauma into the voting booth; emotional trauma that the Communists caused and NOW pretend to have the remedy for. 

Meanwhile, "conservative" leaders in politics and religion collapsed in the face of all this — actually going along with it (remember, it was the "Church" of England that opened the door for all this into the Christian world. It was not imposed; it was embraced.) 

So, when a selected political leader like Obama is brought onto the world stage by Satan's offspring; supporting contraception, abortion and in vitro fertilization (IVF) as means to control and manipulate "life"; he is celebrated. 

No wonder he joyfully rejected the American ideal of Christianity and the Bible — he is an offspring of his father, the Devil — because there is no truth in him (Christ's definition). And once Obama assumed power, he set his plan in place to complete the overthrow of America by laying the groundwork for his successor Hillary to finish his work. 

For eight long years, he littered the federal government with fellow Communists — exercising extensive control and broadening the powers of DC beyond anything provided by the US Constitution — especially all the intelligence agencies and the so-called Department of Justice.

Washington has become something far worse than a mere swamp; it is a demonically- controlled Leviathan whose sole purpose is to crush souls. The Caesars of Rome had nothing on Washington, DC — and these modern-day tyrants have accomplished all this through the assistance of "religious leaders." 

The Apocalypse of St. John speaks of a dual attack on the people of God – one from the Land and the other from the Sea. For the Jews to whom John was writing, the Land was understood as given by God and, therefore, "the holy" — the religious. The Sea was understood as the vehicle by which foreign powers could arrive and conquer. When these two forces cooperate, the People of God are persecuted. 

When Hillary Clinton, as the leading candidate to have been the next US President (at the time), stands at a women's convention (2016, NYC) and declares religious teachings "will have to change," and receives no pushback from the leaders of those religions, St. John's word should immediately spring to mind.

Then along came Trump throwing a massive monkey wrench into the Communists' final touches on the coup. So, he had to be fought against while IN office and prevented from getting BACK into office. Mission accomplished, as he was undermined by the Communist conspirators (along with not a few GOP collaborators) every step of the way, with the assistance of the media ("Russia, Russia, Russia") and the COVID pandemic — weaponized by the Communists to steal an election — not to mention suppressing the Hunter laptop story AND having 51 Communists (Obama-followers) officially lie about it.

Then there were the impeachments and, of course, now lawfare. The only thing left for them is assassination.

In the meantime, Biden has put 200 Communist judges in place who will, at the very least in a Trump presidency, undercut everything he does and declare it "unconstitutional." Trump should do what Biden has done and simply ignore court rulings (see student loan payoffs, as just one example.)

In the meantime, Biden's Communist "judges" (Communist hacks posing as judges) must be impeached for treason. 

Everyone (including the media) who participated in the 2020 and 2024 election interference must be arrested, charged and tried in non-blue jurisdictions and imprisoned — at the minimum. We're talking treason — not some misdemeanor raised to the level of a phony felony.

It won't be enough to try and just even the score — so to speak — the Communist coup must be completely and entirely crushed. No one spared. "Lock them up" never had a more important significance than it does now.

Like a cancer — if they are left "hanging around" — they will eventually spread again.

They will continue from the shadows destroying the country, and life — if even from the position of a modest retreat.

Remember — they don't JUST hate "America"; they hate life because their "father" hates Life Himself. 

This is a proxy war between Heaven and Hell — until the entire political scene is understood from this perspective, there can be no hope of making America great again — or frankly, of it even surviving.

"I look to the mountains from where cometh my help.
Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made Heaven and earth."

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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2 Yorum

Assassination was on the minds of the leftists before Trump took office. Just look at some of the national magazine covers from that time. They were suggesting assassination. The public libraries at that time were also promoting hordes of demonic subject matter. I don't patronize them anymore. They've been taken over, except in the wealthy towns which don't tolerate it, by the demonic, sexually promiscuous, and hell bound. Nothing Catholic there to see for you.


Issiah 3:4 God allowed weak men to rule over Israel as a punishment, I believe Joe Biden is a punishment similar to Israel.

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