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The Needed Verdict for "Zombie" Trump

Before a revolution, there needs to be a flashpoint

As Communist-Democrats dance on Donald Trump's grave, they should remember the old adage (which exists for a reason) – "He who laughs last, laughs best."

The judge-manipulated verdict, which came down last Thursday (guilty on all 34 felony counts) has ignited a ferocious blowback, both on social media and, importantly, the Donald Trump 2024 Campaign coffers.

While the legacy media is disputing amounts, the reality is a tsunami of donations came pouring in, the likes of which have never happened in US politics. According to the Trump Campaign – $50+ million (MILLION) was donated in the first 24 HOURS and $200 million in the first 72 hours.

Likewise – again according to the Campaign – almost one-third of those were from people who had never before donated to any candidate, much less Trump – and felt the need to express their frustration and anger at a legal system which does not follow the law.

While guests and hosts on CNN and MSNBC break out their calculators and insist the donations were only half as much – as though that would be good news for the Lefties – the underlying reality looks much more like the immediate aftermath of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor than Julius Ceasar's assassination.

General Yamamoto, who led the carrier attack task force, famously said after the attack missed its primary target (the four US aircraft carriers), "I feel all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant." Pearl Harbor had an understandably galvanizing effect on the country (which did take four long and bloody years of Pacific Island hopping to conclude), but it galvanized, nevertheless. The thought of being "anti-war" after Dec. 7, 1941 simply evaporated in America.

As polls and campaign donations now begin to slowly reveal the full extent of the consequences of their lawfare, Communist-Democrats might begin to experience buyer's remorse – and regret their sneak attack on the US justice system. According to media sources, they were already in "freak out" mode before – and had put most all their eggs in the basket of a conviction. Well, as another old adage goes (which again, exists for a reason) – "Be careful what you wish for."

Whatever huge rallies Trump was able to generate in the 2016 campaign, they are being dwarfed with numbers, as well as enthusiasm, this time around. To the Communist-Democrats, Trump is the zombie who just won't stay dead.

The 45th US president of the United States is the center of a giant, and now growing movement – a rallying point – for all the disaffected, middle-class, gun-toting, bible-believing, deplorables who are waking up; indeed, have been waking up for quite a while now.

The explosion on social media of memes saying people are "happy to vote for a felon," and the rage at finally wanting the Communist-Democrats (and their Republican collaborators) arrested and tried for treason, is forming into a flashpoint from which the Democrats will be hard-pressed to escape fallout.

Throughout history, flashpoints and moments of galvanizing a people happen and the course of history is reset. The television-evangelizing Catholic bishop of the 1950s, Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen, used to say that a ball rolling along will never alter its course unless something outside of the ball alters its course for it (sticking your foot out in its path, for example.)

The truth is – the Communist-Democrats have been playing for keeps for decades, and largely winning. They have abused the trust of everyday Americans with lies and phony promises – all in an effort to trick voters into supporting an agenda that is now being revealed to be anti-God, anti-human and anti-American.

The trajectory of their ball just might have changed. The absolute best thing that could have happened for (and to) US Patriots, is that guilty verdict that was announced last week.

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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Jun 04

Did anyone see the video 2 days after the verdict when Trump entered an arena to watch the “fights” in New Jersey? Everyone stood up from their chairs and made deafening cheers that went on forever. Trump looked exhausted. Also did anyone see the evil grin from Biden after Reporters asked his thoughts about Trump’s conviction? It seemed like Biden was possessed. The democrats must be going out of their minds by now. God has a great sense of humor.


Yes. Quite true.

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