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The Prison of the Future

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"Memory implants" is a plan being floated to reprogram criminals. Instead of going to prison, offenders could opt for AI upload of regret triggers and experience the effects of their crimes.

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05. Juli

I don't think this is a very.........wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I'm all for it.......

Gefällt mir

The Germans and psychiatrists have been working on these kind of projects before Hitler. An American surgeon and a psychiatrist tried electrodes implanted into the temporal lobes of a psychiatric hospital patient. No, that wasn't me; they tried other methods on my twin brother and I including forced drug injections, electroshock and sex talks. They're still trying; my twin has been locked up for 25 years and they cannot figure out how to make him do what they want. With me, however, maybe they've been more successful. I went to tax sales and bought up millions of dollars of properties. So in my case, I might be judged a success. I also tried deflating the doctor's tires multiple t…

Gefällt mir
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