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The Video Archive Is Back

Updated: May 17

You know the war for faith, freedom and family is here … and you have been fighting it for a long time.

Also for a long time Church Militant has been helping you fight it with informative and inspiring videos and news articles. We have heard from many of you how instrumental we’ve been in conversions and better formation in the faith.

Now, as the battle reaches a critical juncture, Church Militant is not abandoning you. Far from it.

Church Militant, rebranding as Souls and Liberty, is stepping up its efforts to give YOU the tools and weapons you need to be the hero Christ has called to you be.

You have received Souls and Liberty’s daily newsletter, God and Country, containing insightful, new articles from our contributors. Some of those contributors are familiar to you, others are newly added members of the team – and all are orthodox Catholics, dedicated to providing YOU with the tools and weapons you need to fight this war.

Each day this week the God and Country newsletter has contained a video from the archives; we are bringing the timeless content back to the internet … and we are presenting it for FREE, available for everyone (feel free to share!)

The battle for Souls and Liberty must be an ecumenical effort – and ecumenical in the most perfect expression of it. We will not water down the Catholic faith or expect you to abandon the cherished doctrines of your Mother, the Church. Far from it.

With our help, you will reach out to men and women of good will – non-Catholic Christians, non-Christians, even those inside the Church who have been scandalized and need strengthening – and show them the things they love and fight for – faith, family, freedom – are only possible to fully achieve within the Catholic Church.

You will demonstrate to them that the virtues of patriotism, piety, and perseverance are Catholic virtues, that their faith will be full when they return to Rome, and their hearts will be restless until they rest within His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church.

Souls and Liberty is presenting new articles and established videos to help you with this, and will be producing new programming focused on ACTIONS and SOLUTIONS.

We are bringing everything to everyone at no cost. We are opening the doors wide to all men and women of good will, including people who do not have the great blessing of being Catholic.

Can you make a donation today to support the work so you continue to receive vital resources and be equipped for this battle so that you, and other men and women of good will who do not know us – and perhaps do not know the Church or even Christ – can be prepared?

God love you,

Mary McCann, President

Souls and Liberty

Please click here to make an online donation. If you prefer to donate by check, kindly make it payable to Church Militant and mail to 1415 S. Voss Rd., Ste 110-553, Houston, TX 77057. Due to IRS regulations, donations to Church Militant, a 501(c)(4), are not normally tax-deductible.

Souls and Liberty is a registered DBA (“doing business as”) of Church Militant, a 501(c)(4) registered in Houston, Texas. Charges for donations will still appear on your credit card statement as “Church Militant” until May 17, 2024, when the charges will then reflect “Souls and Liberty”.

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