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Trump Behind Bars?

Communist-Democrats at a Crossroads

Openly-professed Democrat and public anti-Trumper Judge Juan Merchan in Manhattan had better get huddling with his pals in the White House and the DOJ – the same ones with whom his daughter works, and from whom makes buckets of cash.

The stink of this case – charge, arrest, trial, and now conviction (while still yet not completely official until His "Honor" enters it) – is presenting the anti-Constitutionalists at Democratic National HQ quite the dilemma.

Should they now actually put Donald Trump behind bars or should they not?

We'll know the answer, of course, come July 11 at the sentencing before Merchan. Laying aside legal arguments about the severity of the novel "crimes" vs. Trump being a first-time offender, none of this has ever been about the law.

It's been about lawfare from the moment Allen Bragg started campaigning to "get Trump."

But a funny thing happened to the Democrats on the way to trying to derail the Trump Train – they caused it to actually pick up steam and momentum, if campaign donations are any measure (which, of course, they are.)

The court proceedings officially began on April 15, and before the month was over Trump and the GOP had raised $76 million for his campaign. That far outstripped Biden and the DNC who managed only $51 million – the first month Trump had actually raised more. Then came May, the "verdict," and record-shattering campaign contribution numbers.

Trump and the GOP received $141 million in May, much of it in response to the "verdict." As a critical point – the campaign revealed the May donations came in the form of 2,000,000 individual contributors averaging $70 a piece.

As an act of further rubbing it in Biden's face, $53 million came flooding in within 24 hours of the "verdict." And even more concerning for the Dems, about half a million donors were completely new to the process – never having before donated.

Conjuring up a new batch of a half-million supporters for your opponent – not to mention making his campaign war chest explode – is not exactly the best political strategy.

What have we learned today boys and girls? That Trump raised more money in a single 24-hour period than Biden raised in the entire month of April – and, it is solely and completely owing to the Communist-directed "verdict." It's not all about money – but money does talk, often times loudly and, in this, case, it's screaming.

Biden and the Communist Dems' lawfare against Trump has given them their coveted "convicted felon" label, while at the same time handing Trump almost a quarter of a BILLION dollars in the space of just six weeks. And, oh yeah, it also engaged and activated 500,000 voters in the process. Talk about "What Price Glory?"

And now, in the wake of the May cash haul, Trump is getting tens of millions handed to him from multiple billionaires.

While their media allies can't stop yammering on about the "convicted felon," the more sober heads (and that's a very relative application of "sober") have got to be getting nervous – Pepto Bismol-Tums-consuming, nothing-spicy-in-the-diet nervous. "Have we just handed him the Oval Office?" has got to be a question floating around at Communist Party HQ (aka DNC.)

A quarter of a billion dollars and half a million never-before engaged supporters – boy oh boy, sooner or later those start to look like real numbers and, with the billionaire class now going public for Trump – the Communist-Democrats' lawfare may prove to be the biggest miscalculation in US political history.

It is against this still developing background that Judge Merchan – who broke the law himself by contributing to a political party and cause – must decide the fate of Trump – put "Orange Man Bad" in an orange jump suit and stick him behind bars or come up with some novel way (because the entire case has been novel from its outset) to "let him go" (time served, probation, whatever.)

There are so, so, so many ways this can all play out that Merchan must be having sleepless nights. He is obviously aware of the wild-eyed gang in his party wanting that photo of The Orange Man in an Orange Jumpsuit. And he is also aware of how flat the Trump mugshot fell earlier, and was actually leaned into by Trump, as another data point about legal/political persecution – Exhibit A in his ongoing public forum prosecution of the Communist-Democrats who, day-by-day, seem to be being handed their own verdict of guilty by the voters.

Would Merchan ever be allowed at another Manhattan Communist soiree if he got slapped with the label "the judge who set Trump free"? That might even hurt his daughter's ability to make her living off the hatred she, her father and their party holds for Trump.

Aside from the potential personal fallout for Merchan, he could be the single Democratic operative (his campaign donations prove that) who sends Trump up the river and, at the same time, launches him into the political stratosphere – as well as back into the White House.

If a simple "verdict" produced the outpouring in dollars and supporters it has, what might time behind bars produce?

Given the brakes being applied in the other phony legal cases brought against Trump, this will be the only chance the Democratic Lawfare Machine will have to get Trump off the campaign trail and behind bars. Remember, they've also tried unsuccessfully to get him off the ballot, off social media and off news channels.

Every single attempt has failed, spectacularly. Even the rallies Trump was holding on non in-court days saw historic numbers turn out.

The message the Communists don't seem to be able to process is this – love him, like him, or hate him, a substantial number of Americans (and every single Patriot) simply disagrees with Communist tactics of lawfare being used against him.

So back to Judge Merchan, bless his heart!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Two months ago, the Communist-Dems were riding high, thinking they had Trump right where they wanted him. The thought of actually imprisoning Trump was too delicious to pass up. Oh, how things in life can flip, and flip fast.

To go from a giant win/win to a colossal lose/lose in such record-setting time is truly mind-boggling; something only Biden could manufacture. And now, sentencing day of July 11 is looming as a potential death warrant day, not for Trump, but Biden and the Dems.

Huddling with Team Biden as Merchan surely is – in principle and kindred spirit, at least – one wonders if the classic and unforgettable words of the old crusader in the "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" movie might be echoing around in Merchan's head – "he chose, poorly."

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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