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Our mission, in short, is to advance the Kingdom of God.

That shortened statement asserts three separate points: There is a God, He is a King, and there is opposition to His Kingdom which needs to be advanced against.

As God is in Himself, He is total love – each Divine Person pouring Itself into the other completely and infinitely.

But when the Holy Trinity (the foundational belief of authentic Christianity) relates to its creatures, the relationship is one of a loving king, who is Father (Abba: Daddy) to His creation. It is for this reason that the notion of “Kingdom and Kingship” is replete throughout Sacred Scripture.

But there is another “kingdom” which has set itself in opposition to the Heavenly Kingdom – and it is this opposing kingdom that the Heavenly Kingdom advances against.

While the war between these kingdoms is ultimately spiritual, our battle is waged in time and space, human history, in concrete terms and concrete, living human beings in every age and place.

Those who desire or claim to be members of the Heavenly Kingdom here on earth have been commanded, note the word – it is militaristic, commanded to attack the gates of the opposing kingdom. For this reason, Christ established His Church and gave charge of it to his Apostles that down through the ages, those who remain in communion with them and their successors remain in communion with Him, to wage the battle against the enemy kingdom.

Our new effort is aimed at just that – attacking the kingdom of the enemy, not sitting back and behaving as though prayer alone suffices. Christ never said that. His last words ascending to His Father’s right hand were, in fact, the exact opposite. Let the next battle in the on-going war commence.


The war between the two kingdoms is the greatest war in human history because its results are everlasting. The victors are granted entrance into the Beatific Vision; the losers denied the Face of God. Forever. Eternity is very binary.

Since the war is fought within the confines of time and space, history, what happens in daily history matters, and here is where politics enters the fray - and arguably takes a supreme position.

One of the chief battlefields in the Great War has been the political realm. Christians will recall that it was the Roman Empire that crucified the Son of God. While it was instigated by the Jewish leaders, our King was tried, sentenced to death and executed by the State.

A state that recognizes human dignity in its administering of justice needs to be supported. The administration of justice is overseen through the particular form of government. It matters less what the particular form of government is; what matters is that it recognizes that each of its citizens is made in the Image of God and, therefore, certain rights, unalienable rights, derive from that eternal truth.

When a state, however, does not have that as its founding principle – that rights come from God and the duty of the state is to protect these rights – that state becomes illegitimate.

The first state is owed a moral duty of patriotism; the second state can never be supported. Indeed, history is chock full of examples of heroes who fought against such states and even gave their lives to bring about their downfall.

Patriotism is a moral duty deriving from the virtue of piety – as St. Thomas Aquinas teaches. All of us, every single individual, has at various points been dependent and reliant on others – God for existence, parents for nurturing and country for protection of rights.

As such we owe – note the word – owe, as in a moral duty, piety to God, parents and country. It is a matter of justice – giving to each what is owed to them. Obviously, God is owed worship; parents are owed great respect; and country is owed honor, patriotism.

We now have emerging, some might even say dominating, a view of “country” that embraces the twisted notion that the state is the source and origin and deliverer of rights, not God. It should not be surprising in the least that enormous numbers of such enthusiasts of this state, this type of government, are irreligious – God is a non-entity to them and their worldview.

Anyone who thinks that Socialism/Marxism disappeared with the collapse of the old Soviet Union has missed the point. The USSR was merely a host organism for that atheistic tyranny. That evil took root in other countries even as it was fueling the dissipation of its own host nation.

Communism is ascendant in the United States – even if it isn’t precisely referred to as such. Laying aside ridiculous distinctions over fine points of what economic differentiations may exist, as a government system, all that matters is that it denies human dignity rooted in being created in the Image and Likeness of God.

Socialism/Marxism/Communism (they’re all the same) is atheistic. And when there is a vacuum in the universe regarding God, wicked men will step into fill that vacuum.

Today’s Democratic party in the United States (not unassisted by some Republicans) is the vehicle for this tyrannical, evil, atheistic form of government. It completely rejects the truth that we are made in the Image of God because it rejects the truth of God Himself.

It presents an illegitimate form of government and must be opposed based on the cardinal virtue of Justice, of which patriotism is a component. No one who believes, or claims to believe, in Christ as the Lord and Master, the King of the Universe, can support in any way a political party which rejects His Divine Kingship. Among many, many things – it is, simply stated, unpatriotic.

The coming November election demands that actual patriots make themselves known and commit to the preservation of a Democratic Republic greatly threatened by Communist, atheistic forces.


We are faithful Catholics, although, of course, sinners, striving through an ecumenical effort to save our American Constitutional, Democratic Republic.

We know if a Communist, totalitarian state takes over, although some will persevere, enormous numbers will simply abandon Christ as we have seen in many instances throughout history when the power of the state is brought to bear against the faithful.

If you are a man or woman of goodwill, who understands the enormous stakes at play in the current political madness that is unfolding in our nation, as well as around the world, we invite you to link arms with us as we do our best – our patriotic duty – ultimately rooted in our love and honor of Almighty God, and to join with us and support us as we oppose the gathering darkness threatening to engulf and enslave the world.

We will not go gently into that darkness.

Join us as we light a light and march into the fray for love of God and Country.

Let’s roll!

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D. A.
D. A.
Mar 28

Excellent. Don't be swayed by all the nagging-wife comments above. Keep up the great work.


I remember one time at Mass looking over the stations of the cross and seeing "And Jesus falls a third time." It really struck me. Our Lord and savior fell and relied on the assistance of man to lift Him up. Even as he was crucified, it was sinners who lifted him up on the cross. If we fall, we have to get back up and sometimes its others who help lift us up until we reach our final destination. Some people are sodomites, some liers, some adulterers, so thieves, some gluttons, some gossipers, some blasphemers, etc, etc, etc. Sin is sin whatever form you are tempted to fall in to. Thank God Jesus came to save us! So…


Mar 26

"Catholics must get some control of the media of social communication; otherwise, the pope (St. Paul VI) feared for the survival of the Church in our country." -Fr. John Hardon, Servant of God- Most Catholics don't understand how dangerous the situation truly is. Vatican II called upon the faithful to conquer social media. Instead it's being overwhelmed by the far left (Fr. James Martin and the like) and far right (SSPX and the like).


I'm calling on the name that changes everything, and praying God turn our nation around. All of my hope is in God.


We're fighting a battle God has already won!

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