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Our Mission: To engage, educate, and encourage Christians to advance the Kingdom of God in our culture through bold prayer and faithful action


Souls and Liberty is dedicated to action and solutions, and all action must begin with prayer. To this end, all Souls and Liberty staff, in addition to the obligations of a practicing Catholic, say the Divine Office (the Liturgy of the Hours, morning and evening prayer) and the Rosary each day.

We want to pray these prayers with you and so invite you to join us in saying these prayers each day. You may purchase a copy of Christian Prayer (containing the prayers of the Divine Office) here. You may also find links to the page numbers required for each day below –
May 2024 – Morning Prayer

May 2024 – Evening Prayer

June 2024 - Morning Prayer

June 2024 - Evening Prayer

We also invite you to join with us in our scriptural Rosary. You may find the Scriptural meditations in the book The Weapon (available here), and also as an audio download or physical CD.

If you have particular intentions you would like the staff to remember in their prayers, and also to be included (confidentially) in the virtual intentions of all Souls and Liberty supporters, you can mention them when making a donation (there is a space for the purpose) or email them to

Thank you for all your support, financial and, especially, spiritual. Your prayers are of inestimable value, both to us and most especially to you and the Church.

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