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Our Mission: To engage, educate, and encourage Christians to advance the Kingdom of God in our culture through bold prayer and faithful action

Who We Are

Church Militant (CM) was established in 2020 at the Texas Secretary of State as a nonprofit 501(c)(4) with the IRS to be a Catholic/Christian voice in the world of politics/culture.

CM did work with Saint Michael's Media (SMM), but is, and has always been, an entirely different legal entity.

SMM, established in 2006, is a registered nonprofit in the state of Michigan as a 501(c)(3) with the IRS. 


A New Chapter

While CM 501(c)(4) is not new, a new chapter has begun.

The Board of Directors

Mary McCann – President 

Marc Rivard – Treasurer 

Debra Tvrdik – Director 


Financial Backing and Leadership 

Souls and Liberty is funded by individuals making small and large donations, forming an ecumenical group who understands that Catholics and men and women of goodwill must link arms in charity to defeat the demonic assaults against the Faithful and advance the Kingdom of Christ, while there is still time to organize, peacefully resist and triumph with the King. 

We are faithful Catholics joined by men and women of good will who, although, of course, sinners are striving through an ecumenical effort to save our American Constitutional, Democratic Republic.

We know if a Communist, totalitarian state takes over, although some will persevere, enormous numbers will simply abandon Christ, as we have seen in many instances throughout history when the power of the state is brought to bear against the faithful.

If you are a man or woman of goodwill, who understands the enormous stakes at play in the current political madness that is unfolding in our nation, as well as around the world, we invite you to link arms with us as we do our best – our patriotic duty – ultimately rooted in our love and honor of Almighty God, and to support and join with us as we oppose the gathering darkness threatening to engulf and enslave the world.


We will not go gently into that darkness.

Join us as we light a light and march into the fray for love of God and Country.

Let’s roll!

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