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Leftists Losing It Over MAGA 'Purge' Plan

Progressives warn Project 2025 will hit 'like a Blitzkrieg'

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Communist-Democrats are quaking in their blue boots over Project 2025, a conservative policy plan to pry Deep State agents from their lairs in Washington.

Crafted by a consortium of conservative foundations, advocacy groups and brain trusts, Project 2025 establishes a strategic framework by which the next Republican administration can begin reversing the devastation wrought by twelve years of Obama- Biden rule.

The initiative presents a grave threat to the Marxist Establishment in Washington — hence, the growing outcry against it from members of that cabal.

So concerned are leftist lawmakers about Project 2025, that they're beginning to organize an effort to thwart it. Their hysteria confirms both the plan's capacity to clean house, and Trump's potential to recapture the White House on Nov. 5.


Earlier this month, a coalition of progressive politicians announced the launch of the "Stop Project 2025 Task Force," a congressional working group bent on discrediting the initiative as a blueprint for despotism.

Spearheaded by Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA), the panel aims to spur Trump opponents into action through propagandist fearmongering.

When announcing the formation of the task force, Huffman's office smeared Project 2025 as "a far-right roadmap for Donald Trump to seize 'supreme' powers and radically undermine reproductive rights, LGBTQ equality, racial justice, free speech, and other democratic institutions and freedoms."

Likewise, the congressman himself — a Bay Area leftist in the mold of Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom — has denounced Project 2025 in breathless terms.

"Project 2025 is more than an idea, it's a dystopian plot that's already in motion to dismantle our democratic institutions, abolish checks and balances, chip away at church-state separation, and impose a far-right agenda that infringes on basic liberties and violates public will," he warned in a June 11 press release. "It is an unprecedented embrace of extremism, fascism, and religious nationalism, orchestrated by the radical right and its dark money backers. We need a coordinated strategy to save America and stop this coup before it's too late." .

"The stakes just couldn't be higher," Huffman told the Associated Press after his task force was announced.

Warning that Project 2025 will impact Washington "like a Blitzkrieg," he urged fellow leftists to brace themselves and "prepare ... accordingly."

The founder of the Congressional Freethought Caucus, Huffman, like many leftist idealogues, is an atheist and secular humanist. To gin up support for his task force, he's resorted to peddling the Left's favorite bogeyman — the specter of "Christian nationalism."

"We were able to beat back some of the worst of this Christian nationalist agenda, this authoritarian agenda, in the first Trump presidency, because they didn't really know what they were doing ... The fact that they have been putting all of this forethought and research and planning into a second Trump presidency means we'll be dealing with a much more formidable foe, if it comes to that this time around."

Huffman's bombast is typical, and quite telling. Across the board, leftists are howling at the prospect of the initiative's implementation; so shrill is their rhetoric, in fact, that to the detached observer, it's plain that the plan imperils deep-rooted, Deep State interests.

Clearly, conservatives are on to something with Project 2025.


Contrary to its depiction by Democrats, Project 2025 is a roadmap to recovery, not ruin.

As Souls and Liberty has previously detailed, Project 2025, or the 2025 Presidential Transition Project, is an initiative of The Heritage Foundation.

Representing the largest, most ambitious conservative alliance ever assembled, the initiative boasts roughly 100 members with expertise in various fields, including law, politics, public policy, education, medicine, biology, sociology, journalism and human rights.

Constituents include the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists; Alliance Defending Freedom; ACLJ Action; the American Family Association; Americans United for Life; the California Family Council; the Center for Family and Human Rights; the Center for Immigration Studies; Concerned Women for America; the Discovery Institute; Eagle Forum; the Family Research Council; the Frederick Douglass Foundation; the Heartland Institute; Hillsdale College; Liberty University; Media Research Center; Native Americans for Sovereignty and Preservation; Project 21 Black Leadership Network; Students for Life of America; Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America; the Texas Public Policy Foundation; Turning Point USA; and many more.

Project 2025 partners are, in the words of Heritage Foundation president Kevin D. Roberts, intent on "institutionalizing Trumpism."

The mission of the initiative, as described on its website, is to expunge the cancer of leftism from the halls of government in Washington and beyond.

"The actions of liberal politicians in Washington have created a desperate need and unique opportunity for conservatives to start undoing the damage the Left has wrought and build a better country for all Americans in 2025.
It is not enough for conservatives to win elections. If we are going to rescue the country from the grip of the radical Left, we need both a governing agenda and the right people in place, ready to carry this agenda out on day one of the next conservative administration." 

Project 2025 is no mere academic exercise; its architects are constructing actual infrastructure to facilitate the plan's implementation.

One of the project's key components is a massive Presidential Personnel Database, through which eager, professionally-qualified patriots can apply for positions in the next Republican presidential administration.

"With the right conservative policy recommendations and properly vetted and trained personnel to implement them, we will take back our government," Project 2025 affirms.

Likewise, as part of its "training" pillar, the initiative has established a Presidential Administration Academy, a "a one-of-a-kind educational and skill-building program designed to prepare and equip future political appointees now to be ready on Day One of the next conservative Administration."

"This academy provides aspiring appointees with the insight, background knowledge, and expertise in governance to immediately begin rolling back destructive policy and advancing conservative ideas in the federal government," the initiative explains.

Additionally, Project 2025 is readying a "playbook" of sorts — a "comprehensive, concrete transition plan for each federal agency" — to help guide the next conservative administration's first six months.

"Only through the implementation of specific action plans at each agency will the next conservative presidential Administration be successful," the initiative notes, adding that the playbook is "a roadmap for doing just that." 

Project 2025's policy agenda is detailed in its Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise — a massive tome more than 900 pages long.

The Mandate serves as Project 2025's blueprint for reforming the DC bureaucracy. Over the course of 30 chapters, it lays out specific recommendations for restoring entire government agencies to health — bureaus that, under Obama-Biden, have devolved into vehicles of Marxist decay.

Souls and Liberty previously explored the Mandate's plan for overhauling the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); two additional examples of its prescriptions for reform follow below.


The Mandate describes the Department of Defense (DOD) as "a deeply troubled institution."

While noting that "most enlisted personnel, and most officers, especially below the rank of general or admiral, continue to be patriotic defenders of liberty," the Mandate describes the current crop of higher-ups as "Barack Obama's general officer corps."

"Our disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, our impossibly muddled China strategy, the growing involvement of senior military officers in the political arena, and deep confusion about the purpose of our military are clear signals of a disturbing decay and markers of a dangerous decline in our nation's capabilities and will."

The Mandate warns that the DOD "has emphasized leftist politics over military readiness," such that "our military has adopted a risk-averse culture — think of masked soldiers, sailors, and airmen — rather than instilling and rewarding courage in thought and action."

To steer military culture back on course, the Mandate calls for the National Security Council (NSC) to purge the DOD of its debilitating obsession with wokeism:

"The NSC should rigorously review all general and flag officer promotions to prioritize the core roles and responsibilities of the military over social engineering and non-defense related matters, including climate change, critical race theory, manufactured extremism, and other polarizing policies that weaken our armed forces and discourage our nation's finest men and women from enlisting."

To "eliminate politicization, reestablish trust and accountability, and restore faith to the force," the Mandate calls for the number of US generals to be slashed.

"Rank creep is pervasive," it notes. "The number of 0-6 to 0-9 officers is at an all-time high across the armed services (above World War II levels), and the actual battlefield experience of this officer corps is at an all-time low. The next President should limit the continued advancement of many of the existing cadre, many of whom have been advanced by prior Administrations for reasons other than their warfighting prowess."

Likewise, the Mandate lists literally dozens of additional steps the next conservative administration must take to liberate the DOD from Marxist mission creep. Highlights include the following recommendations:

  • Strengthen protections for chaplains to carry out their ministry according to the tenets of their faith.

  • Codify language to instruct senior military officers (three and four stars) to make certain that they understand their primary duty to be ensuring the readiness of the armed forces, not pursuing a social engineering agenda. This direction should be reinforced during the Senate confirmation process. Orders and direction motivated by purely partisan motives should be identified as threats to readiness.

  • Reinstate servicemembers to active duty who were discharged for not receiving the COVID vaccine, restore their appropriate rank, and provide back pay.

  • Eliminate Marxist indoctrination and divisive critical race theory programs; and abolish newly established diversity, equity, and inclusion offices and staff.

  • Audit the course offerings at military academies to remove Marxist indoctrination, eliminate tenure for academic professionals, and apply the same rules to instructors that are applied to other DOD contracting personnel.

  • Reverse policies that allow transgender individuals to serve in the military. Gender dysphoria is incompatible with the demands of military service, and the use of public monies for transgender surgeries or to facilitate abortion for service members should be ended.


The Mandate describes the Department of State (DOS) — the United States' principal diplomatic and foreign policy agency — as "a crippled institution."

"There are scores of fine diplomats who serve the President's agenda, often helping to shape and interpret that agenda," it observes. "At the same time, however ... large swaths of the State Department's workforce are left-wing and predisposed to disagree with a conservative President's policy agenda and vision."

"It should not and cannot be this way," the Mandate states. "The next Administration must take swift and decisive steps to reforge the department into a lean and functional diplomatic machine that serves the President and, thereby, the American people."

The Mandate notes that the next conservative commander-in-chief will have to take a very hands-on approach to push through desperately-needed DOS reforms.

"Focusing the State Department on the needs and goals of the next President will require the President's handpicked political leadership — as well as foreign service and civil service personnel who share the President's vision and policy agendas — to run the department," it declares.

"The next Administration should assert leadership over, and guidance to, the State Department by placing political appointees in positions that do not require Senate confirmation ... To the extent possible, all non-confirmed senior appointees should be ... in place the first day of the Administration. No one in a leadership position on the morning of January 20 should hold that position at the end of the day."

The Mandate notes this reboot must include not only Washington-based personnel, but front-line diplomatic staff, as well.

"Ambassadors in countries where US policy or posture would substantially change under the new Administration, as well as any who have evinced hostility toward the incoming Administration or its agenda, should be recalled immediately," it affirms. "The priority should be to put in place new ambassadors who support the President's agenda among political appointees, foreign service officers, and civil service personnel."

A key component of the Mandate's DOS strategy is the elimination of loopholes through which globalist agents are working to undermine US sovereignty — e.g., international agreements such as the World Health Organization's pending pandemic treaty.

It warns, for example, that Biden's DOS "is negotiating (or seeking to negotiate) large-scale, sovereignty-eroding agreements that could come at considerable economic and other costs to the American people ... The Biden State Department not only approves but also enforces treaties that have not been ratified by the US Senate."

"The next President should recalibrate how the State Department handles treaties and agreements, primarily by restoring constitutionality to these processes. He or she should direct the Secretary of State to freeze any ongoing treaty or international agreement negotiations and assess whether those efforts align with the new President's foreign policy direction.
The next Administration should also direct the secretary to order an immediate stand-down on enforcement of any treaties that have not been ratified by the Senate, and order a thorough review of the degree to which such enforcement has impacted the department's functions, policies, and use of resources."

The Mandate adds, "The Secretary of State, in cooperation with the Office of the Attorney General and the White House Counsel's Office, should also conduct a review to identify 'agreements' that are really treaty commitments within the ordinary public meaning of the Constitution, and suspend compliance pending presidential transmittal of those agreements to the Senate for advice and consent."


The agenda of Project 2025 is clear; among its many components, it envisions:

  • A Defense Department purged of Marxist social engineering — fostering warriors who are no longer woke, but awake; reinstating patriots who refused to surrender to jab tyranny; and cutting off cash for abortions and mutilations of the gender-dysphoric.

  • A State Department cleansed of leftist ideologues — laboring on behalf of the American people, rather than the globalist elite; strengthening US sovereignty, not undermining it; and operating under, and promulgating, conservative principles worldwide.

  • A Justice Department scrubbed of Stalinist corruption — prosecuting, not persecuting; upholding rights instead of concealing wrongs; and reinforcing constitutional precepts, rather than settling political scores.

  • A Federal Bureau of Investigation de-weaponized and brought to heel — answering to the attorney general, not itself; subjecting its investigations to close political scrutiny; and targeting criminals, rather than theologically conservative Catholics.

No doubt, for blue-blooded Bolsheviks in Washington and beyond, a Project 2025 America represents the ultimate dystopian hellscape. This explains their histrionics — the screams of "Fascism!" that punctuate their pearl-clutching between sips of champagne.

For red-blooded patriots, however, the prospect of a Project 2025 America — of a Trump 47 America — represents something of a return to normalcy. It brings to mind the representative democracy that once was, and offers hope that the nation's foundations can still be shored up, such that one day, once more, we'll be able to say, "It's morning again, in America."

Writer, editor and producer Stephen Wynne has spent the past seven years covering, from a Catholic perspective, the latest developments in the Church, the nation and the world. Prior to his work in journalism, he spent eight years co-authoring “Repairing the Breach,” a book examining the war of worldviews between Christianity and Darwinism. A Show-Me State native, he holds a BA in Creative Writing from Pepperdine University and an Executive MBA from the Bloch School of Business at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

To support articles like this, please consider a donation to Souls and Liberty.

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Oh and you're assuming Trump will somehow magically have Good Judgement for a change...

I don't think so. Trump just announced he will put the Anti-American Bimbo Nutjob, Trumps words, into his Administration. It doesn't get much worse than that.

Trump PROMISED to DRAIN the SWAMP and ended up filling it in !

We are Still suffering under some of Trumps Swamp Creatures, like FBI Director Christopher Wray.

To think Trump will appoint anything other than deep state scumbags is delusional at best.


Jun 28

Naturally criminal democrats and RINOs are afraid because they belong to prison! 🤔😏😎

Replying to


time for you to wake up


If you read Mike Pompeo's book (and I do not mean to speak for him) you might come to understand that replacing 80% of the rank and file career bureacrats at DOS might be requisite to "cleaning house" and I cannot imagine that this would not be true also at the CIA and most any other federal agency where the pushback against the orthodox agenda will be strongest from generations of entrenched leftist atheists. I question whether it is an optimistic delusion that replacing people at the top of an institution will lead to permanent change, a new trickle down theory of government. If 80% of the rank and file federal career bureaucrats are entrenched leftists, replacing them with orthod…

Replying to

Mike Pompeo is one of them, so that means 100% needs replacement, and what are the chances of even 10% getting replaced?/

Zilch, nada, zero.....

By continuing to vote for either of the two political Parties which have not only caused our problems but perpetuate them is insanity and have and will get EXACTLY the Gov't they deserve.


Yes, yes, yes.

----Reinstate servicemembers to active duty who were discharged for not receiving the COVID vaccine, restore their appropriate rank, and provide back pay.----

This is the big one; these honorable men have proven their mettle.

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