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Search and Destroy!

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Nothing less than a total purge of Communists by Trump will be acceptable

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There are very few signs today that Trump will NOT win come November. And while anything can change in the world of politics — as the days go by and nothing, or very little, improves for Biden — Trump is looking more and more like the odds-on favorite.

But as the country continues to deteriorate — Trump supporters are increasingly looking not just for the wall to be built, for energy independence to be restored, 17 million illegals to be deported, monetary policy to be made sane again, and inflation curbed — but for justice to be done.

Social media among Patriots and religious conservatives is beginning to explode with calls for arrests, criminal convictions and hard prison time for anyone involved in the treason that has beset Democratic party leadership, their financial backers, and their media allies.

For example — Gunther Eagleman, with nearly 700,000 followers on "X" (formerly Twitter), posted this recently:

It was viewed nearly 100,000 times, and reposted by others more than 2,000 times. It's emblematic of the growing desire among Trump supporters for justice to be done.

It doesn't matter where you look across America today — from criminals being released, illegals murdering innocent children, politicians bilking the system for personal gain, Ukraine receiving more US tax dollars than Americans in need, cross-dressers having access to young children, government school libraries overflowing with literary filth, student loans being paid off by Americans who did not take out the loans, cops being shot and killed — it seems everyone is fed up with the "no consequences" policies of the Communist-Democrats.

There is an underlying spiritual/theological dynamic being missed by the mainstream media (which, of course, it would be since they don't believe in anything and wouldn't know how to even begin reporting on it). But, it's there — and it's growing in volume.

Americans — as a whole — have always been a "fair-minded" people. The idea of fairness being tossed overboard doesn't sit well with most — note the massive cash haul Trump received after the Manhattan rigged verdict came down; Trump tromped Biden, trampling over Biden's financial lead — and then billionaires started recognizing the inherent dangers to their own situations and began stoking the Trump treasury even more with tens and tens of millions additional dollars.

There is a basic instinct at play here — basic to our human natures, fallen as they are. No one likes a bully and the reason they don't is simple — because bullies don't play fair. They pick on people not their own size. The bullies today are all grown up, and card-carrying members of the Communist-Democrats.

Where are the victims of the bullies you might ask? Look around anywhere and everywhere. Middle-class families, minorities continually trapped in poverty, fatherless children, young people unable to afford the rent, families unable to pay for groceries and gas, senior citizens in the dog food aisle — the list is endless, and embraces virtually everyone in America in one way or another.

It's really come down to — for the vast majority of Americans — you're either a bully, or being picked on by them. And many of them are back to their old schoolyard form, having everyone afraid of speaking up about them and making sure everyone knows who they are. They like people being in fear of them — it gets them off.

Now, however, the stakes are much, much higher than your school lunch money. It's for your life and the lives of your family and friends. And that is not overstatement — for the bullies, you will either cower to them or be killed. That's how Communists operate. It's in their DNA; it's their nature because they are ruled by the demonic collective — having traded their souls for power.

If you think this is an exaggeration — just think of child murder. King Herod had the Holy Innocents slaughtered in Bethlehem for nothing more than his lust for power, and to hold on to it.

Killing people to cease or maintain power is as old as the human race. Why should the Communist-Democrats be viewed any differently on the issue of abortion than Herod was? Since he was king, Herod didn't have to explain himself. The Commies just lie to excuse their bloodlust for power.

Do you really think there is some ethical line in the sand they won't cross if they believe you are a threat to them? For the Commies, there is no line; in fact, there isn't even any sand. They take what they want, when they want it. And if you say something, the FBI shows up, or some "investigation" is launched, or you get served a subpoena, or charged with some hypothetical crime.

Failing all that, the smear machine kicks into high gear — see Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito or Clarence Thomas as recent examples. If you have power, they want it. If you try to get power, they crush you (or at least try) — see Donald Trump.

For a number of years now, but really getting into high gear with Obama in 2008-2016, the Communist-Democrats have run amok, hard-wiring the entire federal bureaucracy to crush individual liberty wherever it is perceived as a threat.

That's why the FBI planted agents in Catholic parishes around the country — to spy on faithful Catholics who they view (likely correctly) as a political threat to them.

That's why parents protesting at school boards were tackled to the ground and arrested for merely protesting the lewd, pornographic materials their children were being shown in school.

That's why very old women are being sentenced to federal prison time for praying outside abortion chambers across the country.

It's why Biden tried to force mask mandates and angrily informed Americans in a nationwide address that his patience was wearing thin for those who refused the vax.

Donald Trump often says, "It's not me they're after, it's you. I'm just in the way."

But even that statement is only partially true. Since they are in league with Satan — it's not your family, it's not your job, it's not even your country they're really after — IT'S YOUR SOUL!

It's just some of the freedoms and liberty we still enjoy here — at least on the books — are a roadblock, as they were designed to be, to them completely steamrolling you.

You'll live in soul-crushing 15-minute cities. You'll eat soul-crushing crickets. You'll get soul-crushing mandated vaxes. You'll put on soul-crushing masks to lose your identity. And you will serve your soul-crushing diabolical masters.

This is life under Communists — and much worse.

A Trump victory in November doesn't end them. Not even close. A Trump victory will be a hollow victory if any trace of these people is left in power when his term ends. He must end them — fully and completely.

There is a reason that ancient empires destroyed their enemies so completely and thoroughly so as to wipe them off the face the earth. Rome sowed the ground with salt upon defeating Carthage so nothing could ever grow their again. And Rome's enemy, Carthage passed out of history.

The philosophy of making sure you never had to deal with your enemy and their threat ever again — was also adopted in the crusades, specifically at the siege of Béziers during the Albigensian heresy.

When the papal legate was told there were also Catholics in the city, as well as heretics — and the soldiers could not distinguish between them – he famously replied, "kill them all for the Lord knoweth them that are his."

The same principle is at work here. Obama should be behind bars along with his entire treasonous cohort, thousands of them.

The Department of JUSTICE needs to live up to its name and deliver these traitors to their well-earned and well-deserved fate. They have murdered millions of innocents for power; power they used to undermine a nation, a culture and an entire civilization.

And we know who they are. In a search and destroy mission — much of the effort is spent locating your enemy, searching for him. The Communists in America have done that part for us. They are out in the open.

It will soon, hopefully, be up to Trump see to the destroy part.

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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7 Kommentare

Isn't this Exactly what Communists Do??

Trump says he'll deport anti-Israel student protesters if elected - report

Presumptive Republican presidential candidate said to tell donor event that current political climate is like that before the Holocaust


Today, 11:46 pm

Gefällt mir

Dream On Michael Voris...

After Trump's first Four Years of Lies and Deceits, if you think this 77 year old Billionaire has changed then I have some ocean front property in Nebraska to sell you

All of the LIES Trump told during his First Four Years as President, two of which had a Republican Senate and House.

I will bring our Troops home LIE

I will build a Wall and make Mexico pay for it LIE

I will send DACA back Day One LIE

I will Stop Chain Migration LIE

I will cut the size of Government LIE

I will cut Government spending LIE

I will stop Anchor baby Procedures LIE

I will stop Israel from building on stolen land…

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

If you continue to vote for either of the Two Political Parties who for the last 50 years that not only caused but perpetuate our problems, then you are insane.

And , you have and will have EXACTLY the Governement You Deserve !

Enjoy !

Gefällt mir

28. Juni

After that catastrophic TV- debat demonrats may forsake Biden. Gavin Newsome or even Hillary Clinton could replace Biden. Interesting development…🤔😎

Gefällt mir

That sounds optimistic though I do not mean to begrudge it. Freemasons are behind revolutions; all wars are bankers wars. They are also secretive in business as any John Birch Society member can tell you. They are not so much out in the open as you could hope for. How, for example, would you intend to bring Albert Bourla to justice? Or the World Economic Forum list of bad businessmen? They are like cockroaches which run and hide for a time.

Gefällt mir

27. Juni

These are dark, dark times; thanks for shedding some light.

Gefällt mir
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