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Why is This Election Even Close?

How is it that Biden is almost tied with Trump given his atrocious presidency?

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Marxist Media leaders should be behind bars for lying and interfering with an election — multiple elections — not to mention, playing the Pied Piper role in leading the nation off the cliff.

Media — whether news, information or whatever — on whatever delivery mechanism — social media, television/cable, newspaper — none of that matters if propagandizing the populace is the goal. And it is. So, advertise your message everywhere.

And despite changing demographics and different consumption patterns by viewers/readers — no self-respecting patriot should kid themselves; the "dinosaur" legacy media is still the big kid on the block. Hands down; it's not even close.

Each day — the war for eyeballs and, ultimately, minds — is won by the Marxist Media contingent. Consider that just the three network evening newscasts (ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News and CBS Evening News) in only thirty minutes garner just under 19 MILLION viewers — down a couple percentage points from a couple years ago — but still absolute monarch of media disinformation.

And again — that's just — JUST — 30 minutes a day. FOX doesn't come anywhere near that number in four HOURS each night. FOX is clobbering its competition at CNN and MSNBC during those four hours — but still gets less than 2 million viewers for the entire night (7-11 p.m.).

If you compare hour-to-hour eyeballs — the three network newscasts crush FOX News by a ratio of 76:1. That's remarkable, and even though it isn't precisely an apples-to-apples comparison — it's close enough to glean a lot of info and draw major conclusions — the chief conclusion being — The Marxist Media Still Controls The Narrative.

This analysis by Souls and Liberty does not include the networks' three Sunday Morning political talk shows (9 million viewers), the daily morning news shows (10 million viewers per day), the news magazine shows (11 million viewers).

These are massive, overwhelming numbers dwarfing anything on social media by "conservatives". Even social media giants like Joe Rogan, for example, can't stack up to this. The legacy media is long-entrenched, and that brings enormous advantages with it that can't just be undone with clever memes and 25-year-olds screaming at the camera in their selfie videos saying vote for Trump.

As well, not included in this review of Marxist Media's influence is all the other platforms they enjoy — with massive readership of newspapers for example. The top 25 newspapers, based on daily readership, are seen/read by 2 million people each day.

Only two could be anywhere close to labeled as "conservative" (WSJ and NY Post — which are number 1 and number 3, respectively). But even counting them in the mix — the total daily readership still leans heavily Marxist with the other 23 papers — 1.5 MILLION to 700,000 for a 2:1 ratio.

Be it television or newspapers — Marxist propaganda absolutely dominates the intellectual landscape with tens of millions of people EACH DAY receiving their messaging. Conservative media – which largely consists of podcasts (most very poorly produced, unprofessional, and lacking any real polish; albeit with very good information quite often) – and personal accounts on Facebook, etc., reposting memes and articles, simply can't hold a candle to the influence of Giant News Media.

Loads of religious conservatives and Patriots are scratching their heads wondering how the '24 election could even be close with such a horrible, ridiculous, dementia-riddled man as Joe Biden in the race. He has the lowest approval ratings of any US President since they started tracking such things — and yet he's in a virtual tie. Why?

It's a simple answer — because every single day — tens and tens of millions of American voters — EVERY DAY — are propagandized by that gigantic Marxist Media Machine that just does not stop pouring lies and misinformation into people's minds. It never stops.

The Marxist Media understand the simple concept of pound, pound, pound — never stop — be relentless. That's how advertising works — and advertising is precisely what the Communist-Democrats and their Marxist Media allies do.

The politicians make the product, and the Marxists in the media sell it — relentlessly.

Advertising works simply because you get more eyeballs than any competitor and become dominant.

For example — in various sectors, look at these enormous numbers of dollars assorted companies spend to keep their profiles in front of you:

In Telecommunications: Comcast — $5.7 Billion

In Finance: American Express — $2.4 Billion

In Apparel: Nike — $1.5 Billion

In Pharmaceuticals: Pfizer — $2 Billion

In Internet Retailing: Amazon — $3.4 Billion

In Household Products: Proctor & Gamble — $4.4 Billion

In Automotive: General Motors — $3.2 Billion

In Food Service: Nestle — $2.1 Billion (Honorable Mention to McDonalds — $1.5 Billion)

Every single corporation listed here (as well as other industries) is dominant and a household name because they advertise like they do.

They likely would prefer to bank their billions, but they realize the instant they cut back — a competitor takes their place — so, it's not only a cost of doing business for them, but being dominant.

Everyone knows McDonalds, for example, all over the world. Why, you might ask, does McDonalds need to advertise — everyone knows them already, right? Yes — everyone knows them BECAUSE they spend more money advertising than any other fast-food joint in history.

The Communist-Democrats and their "advertising arm" of the Media have understood this reality from the get-go.
They frame the narrative with their scripts — just like businesses do. When you think of fast-food, your first thought is McDonalds.

When you think of sports apparel, you think Nike.

When you think of abortion — you think "reproductive rights." When you think of homosexuality, you think "equality."

It's a phenomenon that conservatives simply don't want to admit, or deal with, or even comprehend. Sending video clips of the propaganda to each other on X and then mocking the lies and clicking "like" and "repost" accompanied by a clever, often humorous meme, is not fighting the machine. It's not nothing — but it's insufficient.

One clear example — a majority of Americans actually accept the Trump verdict in the Manhattan trial as being legitimate. To accept it means they accept the legitimacy of lawfare — at least implicitly. Donald Trump is a convicted felon — the first running for president — and most Americans accept that. Why?

Because of all that, tens of millions of them heard every single day, multiple times a day, a non-stop drum pounding of the skewed information and outright lies spewed by the Marxist Media.

Communists are fantastic advertisers. Patriots and conservatives have not ever gotten close to them in matching their sophistication, intensity or professionalism. They work for the Devil — they work very hard. And they are successful. Think of that single point the next poll you see that has Biden neck and neck with Trump.

They package up and sell death, calamity and destruction — and man, oh man — does it look great.

Gary Michael Voris holds a graduate degree, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Voris earned multiple awards for 40+ years of news media experience for writing, producing, and investigative work from the Associated Press, Detroit Press Club, Michigan Broadcasters Association, as well as four news Emmys in multiple categories. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with an undergraduate major in Communications and a minor in History.

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Yeah and Miriam Adelson, a rabid Jew, just gave Trump over $100,000,000.00 to make him follow Israel's instructions.

Trump is owned by Israel.


You are so right Gary. The media has become so corrupt and against America but they still dominate. I talk to people about important issues and they have no clue what I am talking about because the Marxist Media does not cover the relevant issues.

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