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Souls and Liberty Action Network

Our Mission

To engage, educate and encourage Christians to advance the Kingdom of God in our culture by evangelization, prolife activities, prayer, and political action.

National Director's Message

God + 1 = majority. Be the 1!


"I would have never even thought of doing the things I do, like having a digital billboard, without this group!"
– Claudia G., state captain

So far we have:


Placed a billboard of Jesus in Times Square

Honoring Jesus' Sacred Heart during the month of June dates back over 800 years. Thanks to our supporters, the location reminded millions of passersby — native New Yorkers and visitors from around the world — of God’s merciful love.


Started rosary rallies in major cities

Chapters in large cities have succeeded in holding rosary rallies in the public. The most recent one brought out over 50 people in Knoxville, Tennessee; in addition to being livestreamed on YouTube nationally. 


Encouraged early voting

Voting early frees you up to become more politically involved. When you vote early, you can volunteer your time to be a poll watcher.

Martyrs of the Month

Dutch Martyrs of Gorkum

Calvinist Sea Beggars caught and imprisoned 11 Franciscan friars & lay brothers, four parish priests, two Norbertine canons, an Augustinian canon regular and a Dominican friar.

John of Cologne, the Dominican pastor, came to Gorkum after hearing of the others’ arrest to offer spiritual consolation and thus was arrested.

Learn More

Image of Martyrs de Gorkum

Action of the Month

Commit to learning more about the candidates in your city/county/state running for election; and vote with a Catholic mind.​​​

In addition, you can still select from the following:

  • One hour a week that you can do alone (Adoration) and/or ...​​

  • One hour a week to do with a friend (pray in front of an abortion mill) and/or ...​​

  • One hour a week to with your team/chapter (e.g., help your priest clean a cemetery.)

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