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Despite Verdict, Polls Stay the Same

Updated: Jun 14

Americans remain unmoved; many Europeans ticked off

If the Communist-Democrats were hoping the "convicted felon" label would stop the Trump Train dead in its tracks — they are pretty disappointed right about now.

In fact — as of today — Trump's margin over Biden has actually increased, albeit small. Nonetheless, this blows up the Communist-Democrats' hope that a conviction would turn the race around.

Frank Luntz, a decided anti-Trumper and sometimes referred to as “The Nostradamus of pollsters” for his spot-on predictions, is reporting that what the Dems expected if Trump was convicted has not happened.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg News Luntz said, “The assumption was 90 days ago, that if Donald Trump was found guilty, the bottom would drop out of his support and that has not happened. but there has been no dramatic shift.”

That’s a “very big story,” he said.

A RealClearPolitics Poll Average supports Luntz' take — that there's no "dramatic shift."

But the average shows in fact a very slight marginal increase for Trump five days after his conviction.

On May 30 the poll showed a marginal difference of .9% between Trump and Biden in favor of Trump. On June 5, the marginal difference increased to 1.1%, representing a slight .2% increase.

Simply, the increase shows the Dems' hope for reversing the trajectory of the race are falling flat.

Meanwhile, Rasmussen is reporting an overall surge for Trump among Black voters. In an April poll, Biden received 61% of the Black vote with Trump at 21%. The May poll showed Biden at 47% and Trump 36%, a 15 point increase for Trump.

However, across the Atlantic — some countries are stunned by all this.

In what the entire planet now knows was a Soviet-style show trial conducted by the Dems, Donald Trump was convicted last week in a Manhattan courtroom on 34 felony counts – the first-ever criminal conviction of a US president, current or past.

One of Hungary’s leading news outlets, Magyar Nemzet, published a blistering attack on the actions of the perpetrators.

“The trial and verdict against the former US president is one of the most shameful and corrupt procedures in our modern history, which rivals the political trials of the Stalinist prosecutor Andrei Vyshinsky,” it reads.

"With the Trump verdict ... we have entered an era of the post-legal state, in which the criterion of guilt and innocence is not how a person is judged according to the standards of laws and constitutionalism, but rather who can meet the interests of the new totalitarian ideology."

The scathing comparison of Trump’s trial, led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, to those prosecuted by "Stalin's prosecutor" could not be more scathing.

Vyshinsky was the chief prosecutor during the infamous Great Purge Trials in Soviet Russia during the 1930s. Hundreds of thousands of political enemies were found guilty on trumped up charges in sham trials, then executed or imprisoned.

Underscoring the significance of the trial for the larger world, the article continued,

"[T]he Soros prosecutor in New York has pushed the limits of the parody of the rule of law so far, after which practically everything will be possible from a legal point of view in America as well as in the European colonies."

International political leaders weighed in on Trump's conviction, as well.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, himself the target of vicious attacks by Leftist operatives, encouraged Trump to "keep on fighting" despite the most recent attack.

"I’ve known President to be a man of honour. As President, he always put America first, he commanded respect around the world and used this respect to build peace," the PM posted.

Orbán also encouraged the American people to take action by "... mak[ing] their verdict this November!"

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister and the leader of the League party, expressed “solidarity and full support,” and called Mr. Trump a “victim of judicial harassment.”

Nigel Farage, a leading Brexit campaigner in Britain who has campaigned for Trump, said on X: "This verdict is a disgrace," predicting "Trump will now win big."

Russian spokesperson Dmitri S. Peskov, said it was clear to the entire world that US officials were trying to eliminate political rivals “by all possible legal and illegal means.”

Although Russian president Vladimir Putin himself did not publicly respond to the verdict, it is interesting to note that in September 2023, he labeled the various Democratic political and legal attacks against Trump "persecution."

"Though they accused [Trump] of special ties to Russia, it was complete nonsense, total bullshit, and he more than anything imposed sanctions on Russia.”

Summarily he said the attacks reveal the “rottenness of the American political system, which cannot pretend to teach others about democracy.”

Others, like Yoshimasa Hayashi, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, under cover of diplomatic protocol, were more non-committal.

“I would like to refrain from commenting on matters related to judicial procedures in other countries,” he said at a news conference in Tokyo on Friday.

The international reactions show that the political machinations of the Democratic Party are indisputably understood around the world, not hidden in insular bipartisan politics within the US.

Magyar Nemzet also refers to the havoc the Democratic party is wreaking abroad, not merely to its polarizing influence inside its own country:

"The American Democratic Party is not satisfied with fomenting war and conflict in many parts of the world, overthrowing democratic leaders and governments, and provoking civil war at home."

The reactions testify to the fact that people around the world are watching not just news of Trump’s sentencing on July 11, but following closely the events leading up to and including the November elections.

International observers have eyes glued to events in the US, understanding how a Trump victory will affect global changes.

They know his election will help prevent what Trump himself is now calling the new N- word – nuclear war. (If the war machine doesn't start it beforehand.)

They know Trump will advocate for peace, save lives and halt billions of dollars in military aid being sent to the corrupt Ukraine government, throwing a wrench into the military industrial complex.

They know Trump will work to persuade NATO members to fess up to their financial share for military defense or the US will withdraw from the treaty.

They know China respects Trump, yet dreads his victory that will put a damper on the far reach of the CCP.

Observers at home and abroad also know the "American Democratic Party" will continue to attack the 45th president of the US.

Magyar Nemzet writes that regardless of the results of Trump's July 11 sentencing, his conviction is itself already "a death sentence against the Western legal system and political norms."

"[I]f democracy does not manage to sweep it away, it is only a matter of time before the first gulags in California or Washington start to be built," it warns.

Many on this side of the world are hoping the polls moving in Trump's direction reflect a Trump win in November — and the will of the people, not the elites.

Dr. Barbara Toth has a doctorate in rhetoric and composition from Bowling Green State University. She has taught at universities in the US, China and Saudi Arabia. Her work in setting up a writing center at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahmen University, an all-women's university in Riyadh, has been cited in American journals. Toth has published academic and non-academic articles and poems internationally.

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