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Record Number of Jesuit Universities Push 'Pride Month'

Georgetown University offers ‘gender inclusive' housing to transgender, non-binary, and non-conforming students

A majority of Jesuit universities in the United States promoted “Pride Month” in June, even as Georgetown University announced it would offer gender-inclusive accommodation to students who identify as transgender, non-binary or gender non-conforming.  

In all, 15 of the country's 27 Jesuit universities explicitly promoted LGBT events on campus, according to an analysis of the social media advertising on the universities’ main accounts, the College Fix, a Christian website reporting on university issues, revealed. 

The analysis does not take into account Jesuit universities which may have hosted or promoted LGBT events but not promoted them on their social media feeds. 

Jesuit colleges that have hopped on the “Pride Month” bandwagon include Canisius University, College of the Holy Cross, Creighton University, Georgetown University, Gonzaga University, Le Moyne College University, Saint Louis University, Seattle University, University of San Francisco, and Xavier University.  


In a series of posts on the social media platform X, Xavier University called upon its community to “help create an inclusive and welcoming campus for our LGBTQ+ Musketeers” during “Pride Month.”

“Join Xavier at Cincinnati Pride — Xavier students, employees, alumni, and their friends and family are welcome to join us as we walk in Cincinnati’s Pride Parade on Saturday, June 24!” the university announced in a second post.

Earlier, the university marked the 15th annual International Transgender Day of Visibility on Sunday, March 31, 2024, with guest speaker and drag queen, Jessica Dimon.

“ In April, the college celebrated with various events while students were on campus. We had enriching discussions, tie-dyeing, ice cream socials, and more. Love always wins,” the College of the Holy Cross tweeted, using hashtag #HolyCross and X-handle @HolyCrossPride.

The University of San Francisco, which directs its students to a website that coaches candidates in wearing “gender-neutral attire” for interviews, participated in the city’s pride parade, which it advertised as “the largest gathering of the LGBT community and allies in the world.”

“You probably wouldn’t want to work at a company that pressures you to dress in a way that conflicts with your identity,” the website, recommended by the university, advises its students. 

Meanwhile, Georgetown University announced that it will offer “gender-inclusive housing” to freshmen this fall, after students passed a referendum calling for the change. The university’s accommodation services said that it “has added a question to its housing process to provide a gender-inclusive option.”

“New students can indicate they identify as a transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming individual seeking gender-inclusive housing, or they are welcoming and affirming of LGBTQ individuals and wish to be considered as a potential roommate for students seeking gender-inclusive housing,” the website noted. 

Georgetown, which is “shaped by centuries of Jesuit education around the globe,” has also created a special blog to acknowledge and record the work done by LGBTQIA+ students from the 1970s to the founding of the LGBTQ Resource Center in 2008, with a timeline of events, archives and interviews with staff, faculty and alumni.

The Jesuit university even offers a “Lavender Graduation,” which it describes as “a special ceremony during commencement season for LGBTQIA+ undergraduate and graduate students to acknowledge their achievements, contributions and unique experiences at Georgetown.”

 “As the first Catholic, Jesuit higher education institution to establish an LGBTQ Resource Center (2008), Georgetown celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community and draws upon our commitment to continuing to advance equity and inclusion,” the university’s website boasted

Ironically, the prestigious Jesuit university, which promotes itself as the oldest Catholic Jesuit university in the United States, also receives millions in funding from the Islamic regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and has built what it calls “the first-of-its-kind mosque” on an American college campus.  

Georgetown says it erected the mosque to continue its mission of finding “new ways to foster its values of interreligious understanding and cura personalis.”

“The Yarrow Mamout Masjid is the first mosque with ablution stations, a spirituality and formation hall and a halal kitchen on a U.S. college campus,” a press statement from the university trumpeted. 

“Georgetown was also the first U.S. university to hire a full-time Muslim chaplain, Imam Yahya Hendi, 24 years ago,” it bragged. 

The Jesuit universities’ increasing embrace of the LGBT agenda comes in the wake of the alarm sounded by senior Jesuit Fr. Julio Fernández Techera, rector of the Catholic University of Uruguay, warning his confreres across the world that the Society of Jesus is doomed if it does not repent and regain its original vision, Souls & Liberty reported last month.

Jesuits are obsessed with migrants, globalization, climate change, inequality, wars, racism, human and organ trafficking, drug smuggling, and the arms trade, as seen in the annual report, he noted in his 11-page epistle, titled Ad Usum Nostrorum, sent to his Jesuit confreres around the world in June. 

However, Jesuits barely mention topics like abortion, euthanasia, the de-Christianization of the West, persecution of Christians, the destruction of the family, gender ideology and woke culture, moral relativism, transhumanism, the tyranny of globalist bodies, the lack of meaning in millions of youth, and the increasing suicide rate among both young and old, Fr. Fernández lamented.

Dr. Jules Gomes, (BA, BD, MTh, PhD), has a doctorate in biblical studies from the University of Cambridge. Currently a Vatican-accredited journalist based in Rome, he is the author of five books and several academic articles. Gomes lectured at Catholic and Protestant seminaries and universities and was canon theologian and artistic director at Liverpool Cathedral.

Please join us in praying and fighting for Souls and Liberty; as well as, consider making a donation to support our work.

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Mel Gibson posted an open letter to Archbishop Viganò, who was recently “excommunicated” from the illegitimate, heretical, and satanic Vatican 2 Church by Mr. Jorge Bergolio, aka Fake Pope Francis:

Dear Archbishop,

I’m sure you expected nothing else from Jorge Bergoglio.

I know that you know he has no authority whatsoever – so I’m not sure how this will effect you going forward- I hope you will continue to say mass & receive the sacraments yourself – it really is a badge of honor to be shunned by the false, post-conciliar church.

You have my sympathies that you suffer publicly this grave injustice. To me & many others you are a most courageous Hero.

As always, you have hit the nail on…


Also Notre Dame University, Villanova University and on and on.

And the Catholic Church/ Priests/ Bishops continuously asks the Laity to "evangelize" when THEY and the Catholic Church itself is supporting and promoting Intrinsically Evil Sin bringing Scandal on itself.

A Very Bad Situation for the Catholic Church, and even more so for the Laity.

No devout Catholic is able to Evangelize for this Church.


5 days ago

That's it. The Jesuits are now officially the Bud-Light of Catholicism.

Replying to

Not only them, look at Notre Dame University, Villanova University and on and on.

And the Catholic Church/ Priests/ Bishops want's US to "evangelize" when THEY and the Catholic Church itself is promoting Intrinsically Evil Sin and bringing Scandal on itself.

A Very Bad Situation for the Catholic Church.

No devout Catholic is able to Evangelize for this Church.

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