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Who’s Really Running the US?

That is THE question

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After Biden's train wreck of a debate last week, the media is drowning viewers with questions about his mental competency to run in the 2024 presidential election.

Round-the-clock headlines about the president's ability to run or who might replace him if he drops — or is pushed — out dominate the news. Reports abound on which Dems or donor groups are calling on "Dementia Joe" to step aside — or which, aside from Dr. Jill, still support him.

But these questions merely distract Americans from the more basic question: If indeed President Biden is mentally incompetent — which the debate made clear to anyone who watched — who is running the country, anyway.?


A few observers are seeing through the media melee asking THE hard question; critical to the security, safety and well-being of all American citizens at this very moment.

Former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, a Trump supporter known for his quick and keen take on political events, has asserted unequivocally that Biden is not running the White House.

On June 28 — the day after the Trump-Biden match up — Ramaswamy said:

"After last night’s debate I don’t think there’s a single person at home who saw the debate who believes it’s Joe Biden because it’s not.
But we deserve a government that tells us the truth and I think one of the concerning questions for right now, today, the next months leading up to the election is who is actually leading the United States of America.
The Democrats and the White House have not offered a clear answer to that question and if they tell us that’s Joe Biden, we now know that is a lie.
And Americans should demand the truth because our security determines and depends on it."

Likewise, Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY), a Trump ally who in 2022 beat RINO Liz Cheney for control of Wyoming’s at-large congressional seat, cut to the chase in a July 3 interview with Forbes Newsroom.

Slamming the press for hiding Biden's "serious cognitive issues," she spotlighted the "bigger issue":

"I'm going to go back to what I think is the most significant issue here. We're all focusing on his physical and mental decline which I've been talking about for months and months and months because I'm not an idiot. I mean we know that there's something going on with the president — all of us do. The bigger issue is who is running the country."

Hageman identified a series of "incredibly important" decisions emanating from the White House that, given Biden's mental decline, he is certainly not capable of making. These include:

  • A 10-year agreement with Ukraine to provide security with no vote from Congress whatsoever.

  • Withholding aid to Israel, despite the fact that Congress had actually voted to send it.

  • Forgiving millions of dollars in student loans — at taxpayers' expense — in spite of the fact that the Supreme Court has said the president does not have the legal authority to do so.


Social media users have weighed in on THE question by posting various memes and GIFs on various internet platforms. Common among them are those depicting Obama as a puppet master, with Biden and Kamala Harris as the puppets. Some show Soros above Obama pulling all the strings.

Obama's comments in a 2020 interview with leftist comedian and propagandist Stephen Colbert lend support to the memes. He quipped then that he'd love a third term as president, as long as "I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man or front woman, and they had an earpiece in and ... I could sort of deliver the lines while someone else was doing all the talking and ceremony."

Representative Hageman pointed her finger at specific unelected DC bureaucrats — who themselves may be taking marching orders from Obama — pulling the strings while Biden is mentally out to lunch.

The congresswoman cited Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, as being involved in making decisions about the open border.

"That's why we (House Republicans) impeached him," she said, "because ... he has repeatedly violated the law since the moment that Joe Biden took office."

Mayorkas has "nullified the the remain in Mexico policy" and in effect granted "what is ostensibly asylum for 10 to 15 years at a time," she noted. He is "blatantly violating the laws" and "is absolutely culpable for what's going on with the border."

According to Hageman, FBI Director Christopher Wray is also running rogue. "He is absolutely responsible for some of the decisions where he's targeting conservatives, targeting Catholics, [and] targeting parents who want to go to school boards and challenge what is going on with the education of their children," she said.


She named US Attorney General Merrick Garland as another who is making decisions in the absence of a mentally competent president.

The AG busies himself "with targeting the political enemies of this regime," Hageman said, adding:

"I think that that was clear after the the decision by the United States Supreme Court last week dealing with the January 6th issue. I have been saying for years now that you cannot use what is a financial statute that was adopted after the Enron situation to try to prosecute people for walking through the US capital, yet that's what [Garland] did."

"Garland has been very much involved with persecuting" those who are "perceive[d] to be the enemies of the Democrats," the congresswoman warned.

It's not just Republicans who are asking who's really in charge of the country.

Long-time Dem donor Chamath Palihapitiya, one of the co-hosts of the extremely popular All-In program (often among the top ten of all podcasts globally on Apple), has weighed in.

He described in detail his "I-once-was-blind-but-now-I-see" post-debate reactions to Biden's obvious mental dysfunction.

"My honest takeaway," he said, "is that that person is no longer really in charge."

"That was very troubling for me and it actually makes the last 6 months make a lot more sense," Palihapitiya observed. "So I thought the fact that we [All-In hosts] could not get a response from the White House ... I was wondering why — for someone that had been an ardent supporter — I couldn't get an email back when I was consistently asking them to be on the pod."

"And now I see that [the lack of response] wasn't just one single act — it was part of a wholistic strategy," he continued. "It was the same strategy that boxed RFK [Jr.] out of the Democratic primary because could you imagine if ... [Biden] had to debate RFK in the Democrat primary, it [Biden's mental demise] would have been exposed then."

"It's probably partly to explain how the law has been used in New York state — whether you want to call it lawfare or not — it was very directed partisan action," Palihapitiya noted.

The podcaster explained what he called "three data points" that finally put things in perspective for him, namely, Biden's inability to come on an open format show like his to just speak openly, Biden's preventing other candidates to be able to directly ask him questions in the Democratic primaries, and the political pressure put on Biden's opponents.

"All of that is systematically about a group of people that are unelected who are trying to control democracy," Palihapitiya said. "And I think that is the most troubling take away from this."

"I don't think you should take away from last night that Joe Biden had a bad debate," he continued. "I think what we should take away is that there is a person who should be allowed to transition into the sunset and be celebrated for what he has done."

"And instead there are people that frankly, at the margins, are acting pretty unethically and, at the limit, is [sic] acting somewhat diabolically to prop this person up so that they can keep power ... "

"You probably do have a lot of people outside the United States really questioning what is going on in the greatest country in the world," Palihapitiya reflected.

"For there is nothing hidden that will not become visible, and nothing secret that will not be known and come to light." — St. Luke

Christians know that, above all, God is in charge and He knows all — including, of course, who's running the country.

We patriots continue to pray and fight, as the enormity of the evil forces we face — and the legion of powerful forces Trump is running against — are revealed to us.

Dr. Barbara Toth has a doctorate in rhetoric and composition from Bowling Green State University. She has taught at universities in the US, China and Saudi Arabia. Her work in setting up a writing center at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahmen University, an all-women's university in Riyadh, has been cited in American journals. Toth has published academic and non-academic articles and poems internationally.

Please join us in praying and fighting for Souls and Liberty; as well as, consider making a donation to support our work.

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I see Souls &Liberty has CENSORED my previous comment because it dismantled Barbara Toth's Shilling for Trump piece.

Do we worship God or do we worship our vote?

Trump, like Biden is pro Sodomy, pro Same Sex Marriage, pro Abortion and pro LGBTQ+.

So Trump is NOT "running against these powerful forces" as Ms. Tooth asserts but is supporting and CELEBRATING them.

Trump CELEBRATES Pride Month every year at his home in Mar A Lago.

She got one thing correct and that is that God is in control. With that being said, do you really think God would need us to support Grave, intrinsically evil Sin? Of course not.

To make excuses to vote for/ support Trump or Biden, wh…


Yvonne Balcer
Yvonne Balcer
5 days ago

It is Hunter and Jill Biden who are running the country.

Replying to

I hope you're joking, otherwise that's a child's outlook on the situation.

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